ZOG Continues Trying To Escalate WWIII With Russia

Why is it the Jews seem to be bound and determined to kick off WWIII with Russia? Is it because the global financial system based on their usury schemes is getting ready to implode? Do they think everyone will be so busy killing one another that they can go ahead and genocide the Palestinians? Maybe they’re thinking this time, while we are demographically on the ropes they can go ahead and wipe out the Goyim for good? In all likely hood, it’s a combination of all of these because Jews just can’t help themselves when it comes to destroying our countries. 

The United States has deployed dozens of special forces troops to the Baltic region in recent months in a bid to lift the morale of anxious European allies who are suspicious of Russia, it was learned on Wednesday.

Ok so imagine you are sitting in a bar and you look around and see that there are some pretty bad looking dudes in there. Now, what is going to make you feel less anxious: sitting quietly minding your own business and sipping your beer or being with a “friend” who talks crap non stop?

The Americans are eager to help the small armies of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia repel any possible threat from their neighbor to the east.

Yeah well that neighbor happens to be within their own borders, not threatening anybody. On the other hand, these countries are demanding the U.S. travel to the other side of the world and saber rattle right next door to Russia.

The Baltic countries have grown increasingly nervous over President-elect Donald Trump’s stated intentions to improve relations with Russia, The New York Times reported.

Yes, deescalating the situation is a very nerve-racking thing.



That is why the US and NATO allies plan to deploy battalions that number between 800 and 1,200 to each of the three Baltic countries and Poland by the spring.

This may sound like insanity to you but that just goes to show that you don’t understand the complexity of the situation. You see, the Russians have been making aggressive troop movements by moving their troops around to different parts of their own country so that forces us to counter by sending troops to the other side of the world to make aggressive movements just on this side of Russia’s border.

During the election campaign, Trump said he would pursue a different policy that has been in place since the end of World War Two with respect to NATO.

Heresy I say! How dare Trump propose that we change anything to do with NATO which was created after WWII to defend against the Soviet Union which hasn’t existed since the early 90’s!

Trump said the US should only grant protection to European allies and NATO members who pay a greater share for their defense.

This is something I really don’t get about NATO. Supposedly it exists to defend these European countries against invasion and yet, they are currently being invaded and nobody is doing anything about it.

6666Sometimes the army swarming across your border doesn’t look like you imagined it. 

The Americans want to boost training of troops in the region as well as gain a greater ability to anticipate future Russian moves.

Whoa what? What Americans want this exactly? I don’t know of anyone, not even leftists who are demanding this.

6666                                                                                                       The “Americans” who are demanding this. 

The US can help its Baltic friends with sophisticated intelligence and surveillance technology.
In turn, the Baltic militaries have a deep knowledge of Russian military capabilities as well as Russia’s non-military means to undermine its adversaries, like hacking and spreading disinformation.
Oh I like how they slipped the “hacking” reference in there.

The Russians have also increased its military presence off the Baltic coast.

The nerve of these Ruskies sailing their ships in international waters!

Since Russia’s intervention in Ukraine three years ago, all three Baltic countries have boosted spending on defense equipment, according to the Times.

Wait what?! Russia’s intervention in Ukraine? Was it Russia that overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and installed a puppet government that consisted almost entirely of Jews? Who’s writing this article? Seems it’s one Ariel Zilber who is either a kike musician from the 70’s I’ve never heard of or………


this guy.

Ariel Zilber has worked as a journalist in Israel for the past eight years. He is currently a Breaking News Editor and feature writer at The Jerusalem Post and previously wrote and worked as an editor for Ha’aretz.

Surprise surprise Goyim! I’d swear, every…….single……….time.

The alliance recently wrapped up its ‘Iron Sword’ exercise – a large-scale military drill involving 4,000 soldiers from 11 different countries.

But it’s the Russians who are taking all of these aggressive actions. Got it.

Lithuania’s president, Dalia Grybauskaite told the Associated Press recently that as ‘the guarantor of peace after the Second World War in Europe,’ the United States long has shared responsibility for the continent’s safety.

Who’s bitch this is?

6666                   WTF is it with European countries and having childless angry cat ladies as President?

‘We expect that this mission, and this understanding, will stay,’ she said.

Yeah when you were 20 did you expect you’d spend your senior years with no kids and no hope of grand kids…….ever?

The American special forces troops who have been stationed in the region are also sending a message to Russia.
‘Do the Russians know we’re there?’ General Thomas said. ‘Yes.’

Do the Russians know that if they decided to pour over the border you couldn’t do jack about it? Yes, they do. This article has all the trappings of what the hell is wrong with our world today. A Jew written article trying to gin up another brothers war for the chosen in the name of something we will figure out later, headed by organizations in search of a reason to exist aided by stupid old hags who somehow got elected leader of a country that couldn’t fight it’s way out of a paper sack if Uganda decided to invade. I know we’ve been winning a lot lately but stories like this are just a reminder of how much work lies ahead of us. Don’t worry, we’re not getting black pilled we’re getting stronger and are ranks are growing. There will come a day when there are no angry old cat women Presidents and the Jew rats will be scurrying back to Israel whining and gnashing their teeth about their stupid Holohoax. You may not believe it but it’s coming.




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