A Mental Exercise

I’ve pointed out many times that there is no way to fix our current situation under the very system that has got us here in the first place. It is no secret that I believe National Socialism is the best logical alternative among the ones we have to choose from. Now note, I said I think it is the best not the only. I would put Monarchy in second place and you can then go down the list with other variations of an authoritarian system that you might prefer. Still, I hear these shrill responses of “Muh Constitution!” and “Muh Freedums!” Now, a normal person might get discouraged with dealing with this day in and day out but luckily for all of white humanity, Granpda Lampshade has an immense amount of patience.


So let’s take a look at some of our current problems from a different standpoint: how do you solve them within the confines of a democracy system?

Blacks. With the latest publicized incident of black on white violence making the rounds, now is as good a time as any to address this issue. Blacks are incompatible with civilized society, period. This may hit you right in your multicultural feels but it is an observable truth. I don’t know why so many people who seem grounded in reality on so many issues stumble at this when it is simply a fact.

6666Somebody just needs to teach them about Constitutional principles. 

The problem when it comes to blacks is not liberal policies or any other such nonsense. Do you think the problem with Africa is because they have too many liberal policies? These people are a problem if you want to live in a high trust peaceful society. Now that we have identified the problem, tell me what you are going to do about it under democracy. Vote for tougher laws? Our prisons are full of these primates as it is. Vote to remove them? They have a vote, just the same as you and when you throw in the Jews who agitate them, women who see them as children to be cared for and sympathized with and all of the other so called minorities who don’t want to be next on the list, that is a non starter. So tell me, exactly how do you plan to deal with this problem? These people are never going to start acting white or embracing your principles or values.

Immigration. This one isn’t as tough a problem as the blacks but it’s still there. Now you pro democracy folks could point to previous immigration initiatives that were used many years ago as an example of how this problem could be dealt with under the current system. However the system itself has already changed very much since then. Who voted to start bringing these people in? Which one of you got a say in bringing Somalians to Minnesota? Trump is considered radical for wanting to stem the flow of these people and even he is only talking about illegal immigration. The truth is, we need to stop all immigration and start shipping these people out of here.

6666Because all eses are equal and shit holmes. 

If Trump is radical for wanting to just stop illegal immigration, tell me what politician is going to address all immigration? These politicians are the ones who have implemented this plan of citizen replacement to begin with. You might say, “Yeah well GPL that just means we need to elect different politicians” My response is that you’ve been saying that my entire life and things have gotten worse so experience tells us that’s not really feasible. So tell me the non authoritarian fix for this? Who is going to take charge of not only stopping people from coming but but actually forcing the ones already here to leave?

Degeneracy. You have watched as your country has gotten more and more degenerate. The Nazis warned you that it wasn’t going to stop with gay marriage and lo and behold, you got trannie rights and now they’ve already got pedos warming up in the bullpen of causes. All of these people have well organized (((lobbies))) pushing their causes and you? You’re supposed to shut up or you are an evil hater. If you try to form a lobby against this you will be on the SPLC’s hate group list.

6666                                                                                         Totally what the Founders had in mind when they wrote the Constitution.

This degeneracy is not only pushed by your politicians but it is pushed in every aspect of your popular culture. How do you plan to vote yourself back to traditional values? These people are out and yelling in your face demanding that you submit to their mental illnesses as being normal and you are basically legally barred from refusing. You see, once you let this pink genie out of the bottle, it’s not going to go back in because you ask it nicely. So what’s your plan under the democracy to do it? Tell me how under the current system you are going to reverse the tide of Cultural Marxism that has brought you to this day and age of children being labeled transgender and being given hormone blockers and encouraged to dress and behave as the opposite sex? Tell me how you plan to accomplish this.

I could continue writing this article all the way into the wee hours of the morning because every single issue that is facing us has been brought about under the current system. You will not reverse what this system has put in place by appealing to this very system. It’s like saying you’re going to cure your lung cancer by smoking more cigarettes. The usual response to these hard facts is to say that we simply need to go back to 1776 and start over with what the Founders originally put in place. So you are going to legalize slavery then? Oh I can hear your gasps of indignation that of course not! Why we will leave that part out! What about not allowing women to vote? That was in the original set up. In fact, not just any white man could vote, you had to own property and have some real wealth to your name. Are you going to establish that as well? “No no no! We don’t want those things!” and see? You’re right back to where we are now. I always laugh when I hear people propose getting back to what the Founders originally set up because I know they don’t really mean that. They wouldn’t support hardly any of the original principles that were set up then. So what then? Do we just keep claiming to stand by some vague notion of principles that don’t really exist? I can guarantee you the guys who set it up back then are screaming from the grave to throw it all out the window and do something else. Whether you support National Socialism or Monarchy or just a run of the mill benevolent dictatorship the hard reality of the situation is that you are not going to address these issues we are facing under this system. However if you don’t find some way to address them, you will be swallowed up until there are so few of us left that you have no chance. Then the real white genocide begins.



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