Race War

By now, any of you reading this are aware of the latest incident of blacks attacking a mentally retarded white man and torturing him for days. This topic is still largely being played down in the American media but it’s trending all over social media. As usual, it’s up to the people to be their own press. I’ve been posting on Gab about this in the context of race war and already I’m getting feedback of, “Not all blacks!” and “Let’s focus on the Moslems!”.

6666Race war? What race war? These are just misguided teens who are suffering the effects of liberal policies.

It is amazing to me, the human ability to deny reality when it presents itself in the form of something unpleasant. When I watched The Greatest Story Never Told and got to the part about how the Red Army raped to death all these women and children and murdered even old people, I wondered, ‘These people had already heard what was happening. Why didn’t they flee?’ However the people all thought, ‘We’re just farmers, why would they kill us?’ Denial of an unpleasant reality…and it cost them their lives. This incident highlights the difference in our situation here in America vs Europe where they are being invaded by Moslems. Even though no doubt, Moslems are a problem here as well the more pressing matter for us as a people is what to do with all of these hostile blacks. There are no easy answers. If you do try to seriously figure out what options there actually are, none of them are pleasant. So what do we do? Most white people choose to turn away from this unpleasant reality and delude themselves with thoughts of, “Not all blacks” and “They wouldn’t do that to me because I’m tough”. This denial of reality will not make it go away. Even if you live in an armed compound hundreds of miles from urban diversity it is irrelevant to the topic of the race war. If you lived on a remote island during WWII  far from any fighting does that mean WWII never happened? Of course it doesn’t.

6666                                                                                      Sure he was screaming “F*** white people” but that doesn’t really mean they hate us. 

You will not fix a problem without addressing it openly and looking at your options and choosing a path. There is no such thing as refusing to make a choice. If you decide to ignore it then the path you take will be chosen for you and may very well be not much different than what happened to those people who did the same and fell victim to the Red Army.

So let’s take a look at the cold facts of where we are in regards to blacks. We live in a country with these low IQ Africans who have poor impulse control, a tendency toward violent behavior and they hate us. Anything can set them off and there is no appeasing them. These people overall contribute nothing of value to our society and are an drain on our systems. They rape our women, attack and kill our elderly and disabled and fill our prisons. They riot, burn and loot when they don’t get their way and fill our prison systems. In the wonderful system of democracy, these people have an equal say in what our government does and what official policy is as anyone else in our society. Even though we outnumber these people, they reproduce at an enormous rate and our population is aging. So what do we do? In a system of democracy are these blacks going to go along with voting for a plan that truly deals with the question of curbing the fallout from their violence? Women can vote as well so unless they have been personally impacted from this issue they will be easily swayed by sob stories of how sad it is that these people are this way. If they still hesitate, throw in a few pictures of kids, that works every time. The reality is that it is literally impossible to reverse this situation under democracy. I know this is a very hard thing for conservative types to accept, as many would rather cling to their Constitutional principles even if it means doing so all the way to the grave. Here’s another unpleasant thing for you to consider: if you refuse to do anything because of your so called principles you will still eventually wind up with an authoritarian government someday down the road. Blacks, Moslems and Meskins will always wind up going with some sort of authoritarian government and guess what: there will be no special minority protections for you. So if having an authoritarian government down the road is inevitable one way or the other, does it not make sense to advocate for one that represents your interests?

6666                                                                                       Think this isn’t your future? Ask the whites in South Africa. 

Personally I believe the best form of authoritarian government to advocate for is National Socialism. I have spoken at length about this on my show so I’m not going to get into the many aspects of it for the purpose of this article. Now let’s say you do this now what do you do about these people? Many of you will jump to the conclusion that what I’m saying has to happen is that we simply start killing them all. This is simplistic and stupid. I believe there are options that would then be at our disposal that would free us from this burden and threat of violence that don’t involve mass slaughter. At least, there is if we handle it in a calculated logical manner. If we refuse to act and continue to let things go downhill then that is what the inevitable outcome will be and guess what: we will be the ones on the receiving end of the slaughter. One such proposal would be to find an African country that would take these people in. We could also give them financial incentives (in other words pay them) to move there. They could live like kangz on a pay out that would long term be very small for us. Of course, not all would willingly go and I’m not saying that in the end, force wouldn’t be necessary. None of this is pleasant to think about and there are no answers that lead to everyone being 100% happy with the outcome. However remember this: there will be an ultimate outcome to this unsustainable situation and if you chose to ignore that fact, you will not like what that outcome is.

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