Stink Monkey American Lectures Real Americans

1111         Do you see this hand? This is the same hand I wipe my ass with. 


I’ve said this before but one of the fortunate things that makes life as a Nazi easier is that we couldn’t ask for better enemies. If I secretly planted a Nazi infiltrator in the ranks of our opponents to trick them into doing things that help us, these people would be doing exactly what they’re doing. For today’s fun example, we have a stink monkey from India who has stolen a job that a real American could be doing, then having the nerve to turn around and lecture the native population about muh freedums and rights.

Newly-elected Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) of Silicon Valley vows that he will go to jail to protest the presidency of Donald Trump as part of the “California Resistance” to the new administration.

Exactly what are they resisting? I say if California wants Hajis, stink monkeys and Africans to infinity, let’s wall it off and give them what they ask for……good and hard.

In an interview with Randy Shandobil of the “This Golden State” podcast, Khanna, a first-generation American whose parents immigrated from India, referred to Gandhi’s campaign of civil disobedience against British rule in the subcontinent.

Here’s the face of legal immigration for you. This is one of the things that we stress that so many of the conservative types don’t seem to grasp: it’s not just illegal immigration it’s all immigration that needs to be stopped. Just because the government gives some African  a piece of paper doesn’t make them coming here to displace you in your own country suddenly A-OK.

“Resistance, for me, is something — I think of my grandfather. He spent four years in jail during Gandhi’s independence movement in the 1940s to fight for India’s freedom … Donald Trump, as much of a step backwards as that was, has a four-year term … four years in a democracy is a far easier challenge than the one my grandfather had.”

So this curry monkey’s grandfather went to jail in the name of independence for India. After gaining their independence what has become of India?


Regression to the racial norm, that’s what. Once the white people stop running their countries for them (I’m opposed to white people running these people’s countries for them BTW) they regress right back to what their race can sustain. Now, this guy could have stayed in his backwater stink hole of a country and tried to improve it but he didn’t. Instead, he came here to make shekels and then has the nerve to lecture us about how we are all basically a bunch of racist haters.

Asked what Khanna would do if federal agents came to his district, the 17th district of California, looking for immigrants to deport, Khanna said he would risk arrest.

“I think there is a point of civil disobedience. I hope it won’t come to that … if it came to a point where I thought there was a deep moral injustice, where they were rounding up folks who are going and living their lives, and have been in this country, and they’re splitting families, and there is moment of moral leadership needed, then I think I would.”

Khanna thinks that he would be outside of this system of shipping these invaders out of the country, taking some sort of moral stand against the unjust white man’s system for the little man. I have news for you monkey: you will be among those shuffling along in shackles waiting for the next slow boat back to the stink hole country you came from.

“California has to be a laboratory for resistance,” Khanna said, citing the “innovative, progressive policies” of the state.”

Yeah and just look how successful it’s been!

He called Trump an “aberration” who did not have a mandate to change the country’s policies, because he did not win the popular vote. Khanna added that stopping Trump from deporting illegal immigrants would be his top priority.

I love it! We keep trying to stress to normie conservative types that the illegal part is irrelevant and the dirt here isn’t magic. All immigration must be stopped and these people have to be shipped out. This can seem like an insurmountable task but then you turn around and we have successful legal immigrants such as this stink monkey who vocally stand at the forefront as perfect example A.


“There was no accommodation with British imperialism,” he said, referring to his grandfather’s activism. “Anything worth fighting for, whether it was the freedom movement in India, or the civil rights movement, it never accommodates with principles that are abhorrent.”

Don’t you get it? Freeing India from  the oppression of the British turning it into something other than a backwater stink hole where people bath in the river where corpses are floating around is the same as stopping you from deporting invaders from your own white countries. Don’t forget: this guy is a prominent legal immigrant……and he’s lecturing you on how racist and stupid you are for wanting a country for your own people. If we had smart opponents, the hopes of promoting our cause would be much more bleak. Indeed, our enemies have made great gains over the years but that has largely been due to the fact that they haven’t faced any resistance from us yet. Now we are starting to wake up and starting to organize. Instead of recognizing this and adjusting accordingly, these monkeys are doubling down and screaming louder and making even more demands. Thanks street shitter, we appreciate it. It makes our job so much easier.


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