….. And It’s The Moslems Again

Don’t worry though, the government reassures us it’s just a guy with mental issues. 

A gunman has opened fire in a Spanish supermarket shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Damn, right out of the gate. Not even a chance for leftists to get their hopes up that it was a white guy.

The attacker, who was reportedly carrying gasoline and gunpowder, walked into the Mercadona shop, in the As Lagoas region of the northwestern region Ourense, before opening firing shots into the air.

I’m really feeling the vibrancy these days. Just imagine how boring it would be to go do a little shopping and nothing ever happens. Now that we’ve brought the entirety of the third world in, you never know when the excitement is going to break out.

According to police sources, the young man has psychological problems and is lives next-door to the shop.

moslem-men                                                                        You might think this looks like an invasion but you’re wrong. It’s a mental health crisis. 
One employee confirmed that he had shouted the Arabic phrase for ‘God is great’ before he began shooting.

This phrase is also translated in many Arabic dialects as a cry for mental health help.

According to Spanish media outlet La Region, police officer Carlos Perez, 38, revealed the gunman fired at him and he had to wait for backup.
He and his colleagues were able to detain him after he ran out of ammunition, at which point they emerged with a makeshift vest.

LOL The police had to wait for him to run out of ammo. Thankfully, this wasn’t the most organized Haji attack ever. In fact, this guy’s attack was so lame that ISIS will probably deny any responsibility for it. Gotta protect the brand, you know. As these happenings continue to pile up, you have to wonder: when do the people get enough? When does this happen and the people finally begin forcibly expelling the invaders, whether the government approves or not? That which cannot be sustained won’t be and there is no way that this current situation can continue. The only question is, how long until this thing sets off?

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