Diabolical Nazi Used Mobile Gas Chamber to Gas 100,000+ Jews While on the Run

Normies get so triggered when we mock the Holohoax. I’ll admit, it’s one of the more entertaining parts of what I do. Still, if folks would just stop for a moment and look at these Holocaust stories with an objective eye, they are beyond laughable. None of us deny Jews were put into labor camps. None of us deny Jews died of starvation toward the end of the war, as the entire country was suffering from a lack of food. None of us deny that Typhus swept through the camps and Jews died from it. What we deny is this notion of fake shower rooms where they were sprayed down with insecticide (the very same insecticide BTW that was used to kill lice which………….TA DA spread Typhus), endless experiments by Mengele and now………mobile gas chambers where Jews could be gassed without going to the trouble of shipping them to camp.

Alois Brunner – of the world’s most wanted Nazi criminals who invented mobile gas-vans to kill Jews during WW2 – met his death in a squalid cellar in Damascus 16 years ago.

LOL Mobile gas vans. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to use bullets?

Brunner, who was 89 in 2001, was one of the most notorious of Nazi killers during the Holocaust which claimed six million Jewish lives.

Do you know what’s even more amazing? There were more Jews in Europe after the war than there were at the beginning of it, even after sixty gorillion of them were exterminated in fake shower rooms.

1111          If you question whether or not 100,000 Jews could have been gassed in this truck, you can be put in prison in Europe.  

Until a few years ago he occupied the number one slot of most wanted war criminals on a list compiled by by the Simon Wiesdenthal Nazi hunting organisation in America.

Jews, put them in a labor camp and make them do manual labor and they never get over it.

Brunner was the right-hand-man to Adolf Eichmann, the supreme logistician of the Holocaust of who plotted the transports across Europe to the extermination camps in occupied Poland.

The Bolsheviks just executed people with a bullet to the back of the head. This was way too simple for the Nazis. They instead devised this intricate plan to ship them via train while fuel was at a premium all over Europe, put them in camps with hospitals and swimming pools and then when the Jews were lulled into a false sense of security they showered them with insecticide. Genius!

A diabolical Nazi, Brunner was the inventor of mobile ‘gas vans’ – innocent looking lorries whose passenger compartments were sealed.
Exhaust gas from the engine of the trucks fed back into the van, killing all its occupants.

How did the driver survive?

The vans operated outside of ghettoes and concentration camps in eastern Europe before the static killing factories like Auschwitz went on-line.

The killing factories: i.e. the fake shower rooms. We’re still wondering what happened to the six million bodies as they’ve never been discovered. Oh that’s right, they vaporized them in their cutting edge crematoriums that operated at an efficiency 1000x that of modern crematoriums.

1111                                                                   Where did the six million bodies go you ask? They were vaporized in these crematoriums using wood. 

Brunner left Germany for Egypt in 1953 with a passport in the name of Georg Fischer and worked for a time as a gun-runner for Algerians fighting to throw off French colonial rule in their country.

Convicted by French courts in absentia to death, he lost an eye and four fingers in the two Mossad bomb attacks, but nothing diminished his love of Nazism or his hatred of the Jews.

Sounds like a hero to me.

In a 1987 telephone interview with the Chicago Sun-Times in 1987 he stated that he didn’t regret his part in the Holocaust. ‘All of them deserved to die because they were the devil’s agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and I would do it again.’

Yeah so he’s not sorry Jews died. It’s weird that he didn’t brag up about that mobile gas chamber invention though because he could have probably raked in the shekels with that.

‘Until the end he kept his hatred of Jews intact, as well as his faith in National Socialism,’ he added. ‘He was someone who hated France as much as he hated Jews.’

You know what else is weird? This guy isn’t the only one who hates the Jews. In fact, if you look back through history or around the world today, there’s lots of people that for some unknown reason wind up hating these people. Scientists have tried to discover the source of this completely unfounded hatred but so far, have come up empty. They’ve been expelled from multiple countries over the years but only the Nazis were brave enough to say, “Enough!”. They went to the drawing board and came through with cutting edge inventions that still serve us today. Take this mobile gas truck: sure it’s sad that 100,000 Jews were gassed in it but if not for this, we wouldn’t have what’s come to be known as RV’s today. Do you know how many Jews love to RV? More than six million, I’ll tell you that. So even though the R&D stage can be a little rocky, this is a lesson that in the end perseverance pays off.




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