First Wookie Sides With Ape Man in Dispute With Trump

The Current and soon to be ex First Lady who holds the distinction of being the first ever First Lady that some have speculated to be a tranny, waded off into the feud between Trump and the ape person John Lewis. Well I guess the old saying is true, “Groids of a feather flock together” or something like that.

First Lady Michelle Obama threw her weight behind Democratic Rep. John Lewis on Monday in his battle with President-elect Donald Trump.

1111Some speculate that she’s throwing more weight than you might initially believe. 

Lewis, a civil rights hero who represents Georgia in Congress, said Trump as not a ‘legitimate’ president and is boycotting his inauguration. Trump in turn said Lewis is ‘all talk, talk, talk – no action or results,’ claiming in a tweet that his Atlanta-based district is ‘falling apart.’

Lewis is only a hero in the world of affirmative action heroes. His claim to fame is working with Jews 50 years ago to stir up blacks against white society.

Obama waded into the controversy this morning with a tweet of her own that said, ‘Thinking of Dr. King and great leaders like @repjohnlewis who carry on his legacy. May their example be our call to action. -mo ‘

By “call to action” I assume that means for blacks to stay agitated against the whites who support them like exasperated parents. I don’t think she has to worry, I don’t see blacks’ never ending list of complaints and demands ending anytime soon.



The ‘mo’ at the end indicates that the first lady wrote the tweet herself, not staff.

You see, this demonstrates the author of the article having a complete lack of appreciation for black culture. Grandpa Lampshade is fluent in ebonics and I can tell you, “mo” indicates and increasing amount. An example in a sentence would be, “Gib me mo of dem chitluns”.

Lewis was an organizer of and speaker at the 1963 March on Washington, where King delivered his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ address. The Presidential Medal of Freedom winner was later beaten and bloodied during a 1965 voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

As a result, the living conditions of blacks has improved exponentially.

3333…..or not.

Hailing MLK as ‘one of the great Americans of all time’ at an event celebrating the Chicago Cubs for their World Series win Obama said, ‘Sports has had this power to bring us together even when the country’s divided.’

Great Americans? Yeah sure there are guys like Jefferson and Washington but let’s be honest, how can the possible compare to MLK?

The POTUS Twitter account said later in two tweets: ‘Dr. King and those who marched with him proved that people who love their country can change it. As Americans, we all owe them a great deal.’

In what way do blacks show any sort of love for America? In what way is America better now than it was pre 1960’s? And finally, what the hell do I owe these niggers? All they do is attack us, kill us and demand that we give them free everything forever. The facade has completely slipped away. There is no more pretending that these blacks are somehow just as American as the white people who founded this country and who pay taxes so that they can lay around and draw welfare. Let’s be honest here, on behalf of white America I would like to say I’m sick and tired of these niggers. I’m tired of paying for their kids to be born, tired of wasting money on pretending that they can be educated and tired of feeding and clothing them while they’re in prison for committing crimes against us. We owe Dr. King and these blacks? I don’t think so. I think they owe us for being so benevolent as to have not rounded them up and gassed them. And how do they pay us back for this kindness? By never shutting up about how dey wuz kangz and they invented the very air we breath. It’s time to stop coddling these savages and pretending that they’re something that should be taken seriously. If you went to the zoo and saw someone standing there at the gorilla enclosure trying to have a serious conversation with the apes, you would think that person insane. It is no less insane to pretend you can have equality with these blacks. Enough! I say the mother land is calling and I for one, am willing to chip in the money to put them on a boat back home.


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