Mexico Continues to Send Us Their Best and Brightest

When Trump made the statement that Mexico wasn’t sending us their best and brightest  but instead criminals and welfare leaches, the leftists had a melt down of epic proportions. It’s funny how the truth tends to have that effect. There was a story in the news last week of a hero citizen who killed a guy who was trying to kill an Arizona State Trooper. Guess what: it turns out the assailant was another one of Mexico’s best and brightest.

PHOENIX (AP) — The man who shot and severely beat an Arizona state trooper last week was a former member of the Mexican federal police who was in the country illegally, authorities said.


LOL He was a former Federal cop in Mexico! Ok, well maybe this is one of their best and brightest after all. In which case, I think we can safely say that we shouldn’t let any of them in.

Leonard Pennelas-Escobar opened fire on Trooper Edward Andersson early Thursday after the officer had stopped on the interstate and set up flares in a bid to get motorists to slow down. Pennelas-Escobar said something unrecognizable in Spanish before shooting the trooper, and then he started landing blows with his fists and beating the trooper’s head on the ground, Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead said Monday.

TBH everything in Spanish is unrecognizable to me.

A passing motorist who witnessed the attack retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and fired two shots at Pennelas-Escobar after he refused an order to stop attacking Andersson. With Pennelas-Escobar incapacitated, the motorist tended to the wounded trooper but was later drawn back into the dispute when Pennelas-Escobar got up and resumed his assault on Andersson. The motorist then fired a fatal shot at Pennelas-Escobar.

Obviously the problem here is guns!

The 37-year-old Pennelas-Escobar was in the country illegally, a drug user and was believed to have once worked as a Mexican police officer, Milstead said. Still, Pennelas-Escobar had no known criminal history.

Well, no criminal history so that settles that. Just like with Moslems and how you have to assume they’re all Jihadis, I think you have to assume all of these meskins are criminals.

1111Sorry there amigo but you cannot come into el countryo. 

Andersson arrived at the rollover scene about 55 miles west of downtown Phoenix to find Pennelas-Escobar holding his injured girlfriend, 23-year-old Vanessa Monique Lopez-Ruiz, on the edge of the roadway.

She had been ejected in the high-speed rollover and was later pronounced dead. The cause of the collision hasn’t yet been determined. Pennelas-Escobar was believed to have been the vehicle’s driver.

Whenever there’s a story on the local news about someone driving the wrong way down the freeway and killing someone 9 times out of 10 it’s a drunk meskin. I really don’t get it either. I mean, if these were Japs who are used to driving on the wrong side of the road it would be understandable. I guess these guys really just can’t drive. The hand eye coordination is probably too complicated……or they’re just stupid.

Arizona has a “defense of third person” law that allows someone to use deadly force against another who is threatening or injuring a third person. It was not unusual that the passing driver was armed in this gun-friendly state with loose regulation.

Yeah and in this case, this loose regulation just saved someone’s life. You know, these shitlibs never miss an opportunity to whine about how something needs to be done about guns because they’re too afraid to address the obvious racial aspect of our crime problems. Stories like are great in that they highlight the absurdity of the leftist’s position. If this incident had occurred in Chicago or California, the citizen who saved the Trooper’s life would have been arrested and the state would have probably issued an apology to the invader criminal’s family along with a big check. As the situation in this country becomes more and more unraveled, the left will continue to look more and more ridiculous in their positions. The only answer they have is to keep screaming racist louder and louder and hope everyone will ignore the truth. Well guess what hombres, that ain’t happening.


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