Thoughts of the Day

The new frogcast is up. We’re starting a discussion this week and will continue in the coming weeks about specific principles and policies we stand for. This isn’t me playing leader fag but I think it’s time we really lay out what it is we would like to see instituted. Also I discuss a bit about how we market our political philosophy. Sad to say, selling National Socialism is too difficult a task in the amount of time we have to get something done but don’t fret, as long as we get the policies that we want that’s all that really matters. My intention here is to get all of you to thinking about actual specific things we would like to see instituted. I actually wound up recording this show twice, as after doing it the first day I decided I didn’t like the way the show came out so basically I wound up working on this all weekend. It’s only Tuesday and we are already going to have a ton of stuff to talk about next week. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully you are too!



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