We Really Need to Bring Back Public Hangings

Honestly, I think this lethal injection stuff is lame. One of the purposes of the death penalty is to send a message to people (i.e. usually niggers) that they should think twice about murdering people. Yet, we jump through all of these hoops to basically put this garbage to sleep and are forced to listen to endless whining about how the poor criminal is suffering. For today’s example, we have case #125,798 of a black slaughtering a white family in a “robbery gone wrong” with no other motive. If you notice that it is always whites who are the victims of these nig nogs then you are a racist.

A man who killed two young girls and their parents by slashing their throats and setting their home ablaze during a violent New Year’s Day home invasion in Virginia more than 11 years ago has been executed.

Yes, the pattern holds. When the media says “a man” it always means “a nigger”.

Death row inmate Ricky Gray, 39, was pronounced dead at 9.42pm on Wednesday following a lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia.
Gray showed no emotion as he was walked into the execution chamber wearing blue jeans and handcuffs. Asked if he had any final words, Gray responded: ‘Nope.’

Wouldn’t a march to the gallows on the town square while having eggs thrown at him be much more appropriate?

Virginia Execution            His actual final words were probably, “Sheeeiiiiiitttt” 

The family was attacked by Gray when their front door was left open as they prepared to hold a holiday party with friends. Gray and his nephew Ray Dandridge were looking for a home to rob at the time.

This is the reality of being forced to live with blacks and pretend they’re just like us. You leave your door open for a moment while getting ready for a party and the next minute you get to watch your family being brutally murdered.

Court records show the men tied up the family in the basement and Gray slashed their throats and bashed their heads with a hammer before setting their home on fire.
He fled with a computer, a wedding ring and a basket of cookies.

I’ll just leave this picture of these little girls and their parents so you can let that sink in.



Elizabeth Peiffer, an attorney for Gray, said that while his death may provide a measure of retribution for some, it also took ‘from the world a man trying to make amends and make life better for others.’

Oh yeah, I’m sure this nigger was really working to make life better for others. Every time I hear some drivel like this from some bleeding heart (usually woman) lawyer it makes me want to execute them along with their client.

The lethal injection began around 9.28pm. For several minutes, Gray’s appeared to be breathing heavily and snored loudly several times. At 9:33 p.m. he stopped moving.
He was put to death with the sedative midazolam, followed by rocuronium bromide to halt breathing, and potassium chloride, which stops the heart.
Blacks face a life of gunning each other down in the hood daily and yet, we think this is somehow supposed to be a deterrent to them.

He is the first prisoner in Virginia to be executed using the controversial three-drug cocktail. Gray’s attorneys had challenged the state’s lethal injection plan, saying that even a firing squad would be more humane.

The state should have called this obvious bluff and marched this bastard to the wall.

Midazolam has come under fire after several problematic executions in other states, with critics arguing it causes inmates to suffer a painful death because it cannot reliably render them unconscious.

Not painful enough.



Before his execution, his attorneys said Gray had been ‘an exemplary prisoner and demonstrated that he would continue to live peacefully behind bars if a commutation were granted.’

He forfeited all rights to live when he cut those little girls’ throats and bashed their parent’s heads in with a hammer.

In a statement released by his lawyers prior to his death, Gray said ‘remorse is not a deep enough word’ for how he feels.
‘I’ve stolen Christmas, birthdays, and Easters, Thanksgivings, graduations, and weddings, children. There’s nothing I can do to make up for that,’ Gray said.
He added: ‘I’m sorry they had to be a victim of my despair.’
This is why all of this remorse stuff is bullshit. He starts off with his statement about how he’s sorry but look at how it ends: being all about how he is the victim. You see, if he wasn’t feeling despair, then he wouldn’t have had to cut those little girl’s throats and leave them to bleed out in pain and agony. If he just didn’t feel the feels he felt then he wouldn’t have had to pick up a hammer and start bashing this nice white family’s heads in. With all of the crap reality shows that are on TV today, I propose a new reality show where we have public hangings and it’s televised. Before the actual execution, we can run a long story about the victims with lots of pictures of them and tell all about how they were murdered. I would also give the victim’s family the option of being the ones to pull the lever for the trap door when the noose is around the killer’s neck.  People who do this sort of thing don’t deserve a private dignified death, that’s for people who have lived their lives contributing to society not for child murderers.


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