When Fags Protest

Fags, you would think they would take a queue from the Jews who work tirelessly to promote them as normal on TV and in movies and try to tone it down and portray themselves as normal. Of course, they don’t because they’re not normal. Instead, whenever they have one of their parades or protests against people judging them as being degenerate they always put on a display of degeneracy. The fact that they make our point for us is apparently lost on them.

1111          How dare you judge us as being sick degenerates! We’ll show you!

With glow sticks, hula hoops and rainbow flags, protesters took a dance party to the streets near the vice president-elect’s temporary home to oppose his positions on LGBT issues.

You always wind up wondering exactly what message they are trying to send.

Disrupt J20, a collection of activist groups, and WERK For Peace, which formed after the Orlando nightclub shooting, organized what they called a ‘Queer Dance Party.’
The party took place at around 8pm and dispersed approximately 30 minutes later.

30 minutes, wow that’s some party. They probably had to cut it short to try and beat the rush to the bathhouse.

Activists have criticized Pence for signing a law as Indiana governor that they say could sanction discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender customers.

Wow! Was it something along the lines of making these people go to a labor camp and wear a pink triangle?

LGBT activists have criticized Pence for a ‘religious-objections’ law he signed as Indiana governor that they said could sanction discrimination against gay people.

Oh yeah, I remember that one. That was the radical law that said people couldn’t be forced to take part in faggot charade marriage ceremonies against their religious beliefs. Thank goodness the legislature cucked out and reversed that one.

Pence was not home at the time of the event, according to CNN.

LOL they sent a strong message and he wasn’t even home.

1111WTF am I even looking at?

‘Dance is so integral to the queer community as a form of self-expression and a form of asserting our power and our beauty and our love for one another,’ Firas Nasr, a 23-year-old protest organizer from Virginia, told The Washington Post.

Really? Because I always thought the integral part of you community was a fixation on putting your dingus in hairy man ass.



‘The idea is to leave a mark that Mike Pence will never forget.’

A 30 minute fagathon in a street when he wasn’t even home. Yeah, I’m sure that one will go down in the history books. Grandpa Lampshade is a pragmatic kind of guy and thus, I’m all about solving problems in the most simple manner possible while exerting the least amount of effort. Some call that laziness but whatever. Anyway, I pretty much like the approach the Russians take to this ridiculous faggotry: simply outlaw these sorts of public displays of depravity along with any sort of public promotion of it, especially when it comes to young people. After all, putting them in camps is just so much work, not to mention nobody would want the job of guarding them. Can you imagine the smell?




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3 thoughts on “When Fags Protest”

  1. National Geographic has its second gender bending cover story in a row. I am as a result of listening to your podcast on an intermittent basis perhaps being affected or else just developing naturally, to be bolder and more closer to explicit dealing with those I’d ordinarily be terrified of rousing the politically correct aspects of… – .

    About donating to your work – I would take the route of emailing and negotiating for some kind of address; I don’t think it is really necessary or rather if I were in your position, my hesitation would be not wanting to spend the money for an ‘anonymous’ address like a po box. I’d just ask and pretend you are unknown. But that all is subject to change; just the way I have seen it thus far.

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    1. Oh, I also ‘have’ to say this: I am in the process of deciding where to move because I want a pre-Vatican 2 church and have considered a place called ‘Lacey’s Spring’ in Alabama. Alabama demographically is less ‘diverse’ than its neighbors I think I noticed on a map a while ago. IN any case: since I am a rabid biker I want a bikable place and Lacey’s Spring the vast majority told me on city-data.comm is not it but I’d still try being stubborn except yesterday I realized I’ve been traveling in a circle.

      At the VERY beginning of the quest on a site called: areavibes.com I’d learned that Huntsville gets an F for crime and it is not all petty. I am getting to the point; keep reading. Lacey’s Spring has a different demographic look to it but the bottom line is: clarity came suddenly after seeing again that the percentage of black people to whites in Huntsville is very high – approaching 50 50 in maybe a couple of decades. Here in Hawaii, everyone behaves and I see positives and weirdnesses in all people here – all races. The Asians are in control, specifically Japanese and they are the reason for good behavior in addition to the military background of many of the few blacks who are here, I speculate. I’ve been in HI since before 9 11 and have been observing the mainland being sobered more and more by what I see. BOTTOM LINE is: I saw clearly yesterday that I cannot be in Huntsville because I do not want to be in a living situation living around blacks, nor they me.

      Here in multicultural Hawaii I am surrounded by tons of non white people and I could write a book about that. But – it was interesting to see that I saw so clearly the true situation. I wrote to the thread on city-data.com that I’d initiated, and was as frank as possible inviting moderator to cut as needed not being able to find the posting guidelines…. to explain. I also included an interesting discussion about Honolulu. Yesterday: native Hawaiian young men in a special ceremony attended by lots of ‘officials’ at the state house in front of the statue of Queen Liliukalani … would ALL have pleased the people you are writing about in this 1/19/2017 post. The young men all wore only loin cloths: two rectangular pieces of fabric attached to an inch wide band. It was a slightly breezy day and they were minimally self-conscious. Hawaii is a different kind of place but like GL says EVERY area of the US and the world actually, is very unique.

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      1. Lots of nigs in Alabama. On the bright side, whites there still keep a pretty firm hand so it keeps their behavior somewhat in check. The sad fact is, there are very few places where you’re not going to have to deal with the diversity on some level or another.


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