This is What Breaking a Hostile Monopoly Looks Like

The press has either still not figured out or are in deep denial over the fact that they are being rendered obsolete. They have no one to blame but themselves. If you push a one sided Marxist agenda 24/7 people are not going to continue to view you as an objective institution holding government accountable. You will simply be views as what you are: another arm of the Marxist political machine. During the Presidential campaign, they threw the last fig leaf of objectivity to the wind and attacked Trump non stop……..and failed. Now Trump is in office and they just don’t understand why he isn’t treating them like the special snowflakes that they are. 

NEW YORK (AP) — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the first question at his briefing Tuesday from a reporter who works for LifeZette, a website founded by Donald Trump supporter Laura Ingraham that published some untrue stories during the 2016 presidential campaign.

If I posted all of the untrue stories and outright propaganda that the leftist media has put out in just the past year alone, I would run out of bandwidth. They lie and even though they’ve have been called out on their lies when caught red handed they pretend nothing has changed and double down. Meanwhile they are just left completely perplexed why Trump’s Press Secretary would call on a reporter that works for an outfit that hasn’t attacked him nonstop.



Last year, LifeZette released a video, “Clinton Body Count,” that promoted a conspiracy theory that Hillary and Bill Clinton had ties to the deaths of several colleagues and Democrats.

This is not conspiracy theory, this is proven fact. Seriously, do these people think the internet is not a thing? Do they think there is nobody left alive over the age of 30?

Another video posted two weeks before the election promoted false claims that voting machines in 16 states could be compromised because they were linked to a company tied to liberal activist George Soros.

Please do tell: who exactly has been promoting the hoax of Russians hacking the election now for 2 solid months? Oh but you see, it only counts as conspiracy theory if someone other than the Marxist Jew controlled media says it.

LifeZette features a mix of conservative politics, lifestyle and consumer articles and videos. Its home page Tuesday featured a story about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady calling Trump to congratulate him on becoming president; one that questioned the purpose of last weekend’s women’s march; and another in which Fox News’ Sean Hannity condemned Trump officials who had leaked information to the press.

Yeah sounds like a real hotbed of craziness. Oh, actually it almost sounds like the Daily Mail without all of the repulsive Kim Kardashian stories.

1111Seriously Daily Mail, you are a Nazi’s go to site for news stories to write about so can you please just stop with this other crap. 

Tuesday’s briefing was another indication of how press relations have changed with the onset of a new administration in Washington.

Yeah who could have predicted it? I mean, you go and attack a guy who is well known for holding grudges and then you’re shocked when he doesn’t treat you like you are legitimate when your attacks don’t work.

The reporter, Jim Stinson, asked Spicer when President Trump would follow through on campaign promises about immigration.

What a lame question. How is this guy going to write a hot news story with questions like this that only the millions of people who voted for Trump are interested in? When you compare this to actual real news stories like, “Obama’s last wave goodbye from the White House” the difference is shocking.

Spicer taking the first question from Stinson attracted notice because, before Trump, major news outlets were traditionally called upon to open White House press conferences and briefings.

Yeah well, guess what: that train has long left.


Let me explain it to you media people since you have no real world experience on how these things work. Let’s say you’re playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Now, you are looking at your hand and you think these cards of old corrupt seizure granny are a winner. However, nobody else at the table is folding so you decide to go all in, thinking that this will for sure cause everyone else to fold since there is no way you can lose with such an awesome seizure granny hand. However aside from Jew Bernie, the other guy didn’t fold. Now it’s time to lay your cards on the table and it turns out, a full Pepe hand beats seizure granny every time. Now the problem with going all in is that once you do that, there is no going back. You don’t get to then cry about it and ask to be allowed to keep your money. You over played your hand and you lost everything. Now you’re trying to come back to the table, the table that your opponent now owns and you expect to be given a seat at that table when everyone knows you are penniless. It’s one thing to lose but it is something else entirely to try to continue the bluff after the game is over. It’s time to pack it up, head for the door and hope you can explain to the wife why you don’t have the rent money for this month.

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