Democrats Continue to Play Into Trump’s Hands By Making Themselves Look More and More Ridiculous

Some people don’t understand what is happening. Usually after a President goes into office, it’s kind of quiet for a bit and the rhetoric calms down. However we live in a different era now. Trump has come out swinging and rather than quietly backing away from the policies he proposed during the election, is instead going full steam ahead. The left is used to dealing with cuck Republicans of the past who didn’t really mean any of the things they said to get elected, so they have no idea how to react to this. The result: they are making themselves look ridiculous to the point that no one will ever take them seriously again.

Two Democratic lawmakers have put forward bill that would take away President Trump’s access to the nuclear codes.

Why don’t they just propose a law that Trump can’t be President and has to move out so Hillary can move in? It wouldn’t be any less ridiculous.

The new law, introduced by Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Rep. Ted Lieu of California, would prevent the President from launching nuclear weapons without first a obtaining a congressional declaration of war.

A foreign power has launched a nuclear strike, quick convene the Congress for a vote!

111Just as American as you or me. 

In a statement, Markey said that nuclear war is the ‘gravest risk to human survival,’ and expressed concerns about Trump having access to the nuclear button.

This same person mind you, had no problem with Hillary Clinton’s WWIII with Russia to protect ISIS rhetoric.

During the campaign, Hillary Clinton questioned whether Trump should be responsible for nuclear weapons given his temperament and what she called his erratic use of Twitter.

Yes because we would be much safer with the codes in the hands of an alcoholic seizure granny.

111                                              TFW someone asks whether or not to launch the nukes before your meds arrive. 

Obama also made similar comments when speaking at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton.
‘Now, if somebody can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes,’ he said. ‘If somebody starts tweeting at three in the morning because SNL made fun of you, then you can’t handle the nuclear codes.’

Actually, Trump has proven himself very adept at using Twitter. In fact, he ran circles around your entire media apparatus and won that way. Try again monkey.

The bill has so far gained support from global disarmament groups as well as former-Secretary of Defense William Perry, who served under President Clinton.

I love how if you are a leftist, any support is automatically credible. I know a whole lot of guys that would support a bill to gas the kikes but you don’t see us getting non stop coverage, do you?

The New York Times has reported that the president could launch up to 925 warheads—equivalent to 17,000 Hiroshima bombs

konosuba-explosionExplosion magic is the best magic. 

The newspaper reported should the president decide the threat of nuclear attack on the US was real, he could have just minutes to ascertain whether it warranted a nuclear response.
‘There’s no veto once the president has ordered a strike,’ Franklin C. Miller, a nuclear specialist who formerly worked at the White House and Defense Department, told The Times.

Yeah that’s because you are only moments away from your cities being vaporized. It would be kind of silly to tell all of the other nuclear powers out there that you can’t launch your weapons without convening the Congress for a vote. I am utterly amazed that these people haven’t grasped the way that Trump is playing them. I halfway expected them to trot out some reasonable sounding people after the election to try to repair their shredded image but no, they are actually doubling down and going full leftard. These people live in such a bubble they actually believe that because all of the people they are surrounded by are leftists then that means that the entire country is leftist. With that in mind, it’s no wonder they are melting down in confusion over having lost an election they were just sure they had in the bag. Their answer? Doubling down on even more retarded leftism. We’re not even a week into the Trump Administration and already the winning is breathtaking.

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