Fast Food: One More Thing We Can’t Enjoy Because of Blacks

As many of you know, I went paleo sometime back and have not regretted it. I have to admit however, that there are times that you just have to grab something and unfortunately, if you go out to eat staying 100% true to paleo is virtually impossible. If you are on the road for instance and want to make time, there are times that you just have to grab a quick burger and go. In today’s story, we discover much no no one’s surprise that even at the fast food joint, you still can’t relax around blacks.

A Mississippi woman looking for a late-night burger may have unwittingly gotten something extra with her order, after a drive-thru worker was accused of smearing menstrual blood and saliva on a fast food order.


Sky Juliette Samuel, 18, was working the late shift at Jack’s Family Restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi earlier this month when police suspect she committed the unsanitary act.

Excuse me Miss, but I ordered this burger with mustard, not ketchup.

A woman from nearby Tupelo, Mississippi pulled up to the drive-thru of the restaurant, located on a state route that runs toward her hometown, witnesses say.
Sources say the woman ordered a Sprite and a Big Jack, the southern fast food chain’s $3.69 ‘signature burger,’ which it describes as ‘a big, juicy beef patty stacked up with pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato.’

It also comes with secret sauce, courtesy of blacks.

But Samuel, working the drive-thru, got in some kind of dispute with the customer, a female co-worker said.
‘This woman got an attitude with Sky,’ the witness said in a text message later made public on Facebook.

Uh oh, she done disrespected Shanequa!

1111                                                                                 Even when we go to great lengths to make them appear civilized, the base negro behavior is always there. 

Samuel responded to the perceived slight by smearing her own menstrual blood on the bread of the burger with a finger, and licking the cheese, the witness said.

Of course, it’s what anyone would do.

The coworker alerted her mother, Tabatha Hollins, who went public with the accusations after she says Jack’s Family Restaurant dismissed her private complaint to the company.
‘We called the store to try and talk to the general manager and they wouldn’t give her the numbers to get a hold of a manager. We then called corporate who again did nothing!!’ Hollins wrote on a January 10 Facebook post that has since been shared over 4,000 times.

Ha! So a co worker told her mother who contacted the company who were apparently like, “LOL oh well, nigs gonna nog”. From what I can tell by the article BTW, it would appear the co worker was white which makes sense because blacks wouldn’t tell on one of their own. What do you want to bet the customer was white as well?

Samuel reacted to the mounting controversy later on January 10 in a public Facebook comment that has since been deleted.

Here it comes, buckle up boys and girls the lulz are about to intensify.


‘Lol S**t Kms!’ the teen mother wrote in response to a friend who asked her to explain herself. ‘The b***h shouldn’t have gotten smart n said all s**t she said over intercom mfs act like they ain’t never did no stupid s**t idgaf about this s**t tbf.’

If you have to read it several times to decipher the ooking and eeking, don’t feel bad, I did too. And to think people think that bix nood is just a meme.


The comment was followed by emojis sticking their tongue out, grinning, and crying with laughter.

The North American Pavement Ape has a hard time with actual communication. Thus, we often see along with various ooks and grunts, the extensive use of emojis.

The woman believed to have ordered the tainted burger heard about the accusations and came forward on January 13 to file a criminal complaint, sparking a police investigation.


Yeah, I’d be getting a full run of medical tests done as well. There’s no telling what all was running out of that gaping maw.

Shortly after the announcement, Jack’s Family Restaurants corporate office in Birmingham, Alabama released a statement saying it fully supported the police investigation…..

Wow, that’s awful nice of them as opposed to what? Condemning the police investigation of this good girl who dindu nuffin?

Hollins, who went public with the claims, has expressed pity for Samuel as a mother of a young child.
‘I have told a couple of people that I feel bad for Sky and what she will now have live with,’ Hollins wrote on Facebook.

And here we have the classic example of a white woman misplacing the white trait of having a conscience onto a groid. Do you think Skyquanda is really going to have a hard time living with the fact that she did this? I mean, I get it if you couldn’t decipher the ooking tweet but the emojis should give you a hint. Skynequa is probably already working at another fast food place right now and I’ll tell you what: ain’t nobody better disrespec her.


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