California Once Again Leads the Way in the Left’s Push to Go Full Retard

Here in America, if you want to see the cutting edge of leftism there is one place you can always count on: California. What was once the destination for people who wanted to live the good life, a sign that you had truly made it has now become a caricature of all things shitlib. 

Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill on Thursday supporters say would make California the first state to add a third gender option on state identifying documents.

California is the Sweden of the U.S.. It’s a complete basket case financially and is drowning in migrants from south of the border. Just like it’s European counter part, it’s leadership is focused on the things that really matter, coddling the delusions of the mentally ill.

State Senator Toni Atkins’ bill would add a non-binary gender marker option for driver’s licenses, birth certificates, identity cards and gender change court orders. The San Diego Democrat says SB 179 would also simplify the process for changing one’s gender on those documents.

Toni Atkins                                                                                         I think I can see why this issue is near and dear to “her”. 

The legislation would help transgender people and those who do not identify as either male or female to obtain official documents that match their gender identity.

If I were a criminal, I would totally check this box. Can you imagine if the police put out a bulletin looking for you? “Suspect is described as a non binary gender approx. 5’10” with non defining hair style and a race we can’t mention.”

Transgender people face discrimination in their everyday lives when they use IDs that do not match the gender they appear to be, Atkins said.

Can you imagine the feels when your drivers license says “M” and your imagination says “F”?



SB 179 would end the requirements that a person get a doctor’s sworn statement and appear in court even if no objections have been filed when petitioning to change their gender on official documents. The bill would also allow minors to apply for a gender change on their birth certificate.

This is where cultural Marxism leads us. When I was a kid in Jr. High, you could walk into any store and buy a pack of smokes or a can of snuff. Now days they will take a kid to jail for doing that but changing their gender identity? A-ok. This is so crazy, there has to be a Jew involved somewhere.

Senator Scott Wiener is coauthoring SB 179 and said he thinks California should lead the way in enacting protections for transgender people.

LOL Surprise surprise Goyim!

Scott Wiener, Holly Mitchell                                                                                   Make no mistake, GPL always takes great care to verify before naming someone as Jew. However when they literally look like Le Happy Merchant, I don’t even bother.

‘The trans community is under assault in this country. California needs to go in the opposite direction,’ the San Francisco Democrat said.
‘When they go backwards, we go forwards.’

Isn’t it amazing how all Jews seem to be masters at this double talk gibberish? You may think that “under assault” implies that you are being physically threatened or something but you are wrong. “Under assault” actually equates to the feels you feel when the reality on your driver’s license doesn’t match the delusions in your mind. When you look at it this way, not allowing trans people to have their own non specific gender category really is like another Holocaust.

This legislation would be the first of its kind in the country, said Jo Michael, who works with Equality California, a group that advocates for LGBT rights and is co-sponsoring Atkins’ bill.

Proof that “first of it’s kind” does not necessarily equate to ground breaking.

‘As a person who identifies as transgender and is non-binary, this piece of legislation is important to me on a personal level,’ Michael said during a press conference on the bill.

Yes, in case you wondered the inmates really are running the asylum.


BTW, check out the staff page of this outfit. It’s like a rogue’s gallery of kikes, minorities and degenerates.

 ‘For the first time, Californians could have accurate gender markers that truly reflect who we are.’

Aaaaannnddd once again just the opposite is true. This stuff really does have no end. Remember back when they said all they wanted was to not be put in camps? Then it was we should pay for their GRIDS meds. Then it was they just want to be married so they could finally be free to act like normal people. Then it was they just want to force Christian people to bake their cakes. Now we’ve moved on to you have to agree that their gender is whatever they say it is regardless of reality. Do you see the one commonality in all of this? It’s all designed to force you to submit. The  more outrageous the demand, the more control they have over you by forcing you to keep your head down and agree to go along with it. These Jews don’t care about faggots and trannies, it’s just a means to an end. And that end is your total submission with their boot on your neck.



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One thought on “California Once Again Leads the Way in the Left’s Push to Go Full Retard”

  1. THIS is like HAWAII but HI is restrained by its Asian population. HI is YINNED OUT TO THE MAX because of all the water. Also because of the undertow of federally mandated Pacific Islanders to perpetuity. YIN AND YANG work as concepts. The wealthiest in the state of Hawaii Yang; their ancestors Yanged. Trump yangs. Hi State Rep. Gabbard yangs in going to Syria (privately funded though it may be self-serving so what is not – her father is state Sen. and I think he wants her in WDC. Where there is a will there is a way; DJT had had her name on a short list for an ambassadorial position I think, associated with the area of Syria). (She may yet succeed; he may even have helped fund her?)

    “Social justice” concepts are yin; hours of internet is yin; video games are yin; pornography is yin; tv and propaganda are both yin. USA people who voted for Yinlery yinned because of liberalism and the Jews: people are assisted to know their own minds and assisted to live. IN HAWAII: nearly all students going around Honolulu are yinned. All the whites at the recent rally in solidarity with the women’s thing were yinned out and so virulently anti-Trump.

    Jews yin out the yang of Christians, and attempt to do that to entrepreneurs, by make choice and free will the standard and lack of guilt but guilt if you stand up and use common sense.


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