Quick! Queue Up the Heart Breaking Story of a Sick Child!


Well you’ve got to hand it to them; if nothing else they are predictable. 

A Syrian boy with cancer may not be able to come to the United States for much-needed treatment following Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban.

Isn’t it funny? Every single rape victim, every single person who gets murdered or assaulted by one of these refugees goes largely ignored by the ((media)). Trump follows through on not allowing Moslems to come into our countries and the Jew run media instantly manages to find a kid with cancer. I wonder what his name is?

Seven-year-old Mohammad’s hopes of traveling to America to receive cancer treatment are put on hold after Syrians were denied entry into the country over the weekend.

Is every Moslem male out there named Mohammad? How does that work in Moslem countries if you are waiting on your name to be called? “Next up: Mohammad please report to the front desk” the entire waiting room gets up and goes to the front desk.


Jihad Al-Khaled, the boy’s father and a Syrian refugee, made an emotional plea to President Trump to ‘take mercy’ on his son so that he could receive the care and treatment he needs.

There are lots of Moslem nations a lot closer to them than the U.S.. Why can’t they go there for treatment? Why do they need to come to a country built by white people to get cancer treatment? How many white kids can’t get any medical care but this Haji is demanding that we allow them to come here, probably pay for the flight and give them the expensive treatment for free. Why? How told these people that they are owed free everything from America? I’d bet my money it’s the Jews.

Al-Khaled said he took his son’s medical report to several embassies in order to secure help, but no one responded except for the US.

Find that embassy worker and fire them. It was probably a woman.

‘I pray to God that Trump will have mercy on these children.’

Yeah well I have news for you: the old tug at the heartstrings routine doesn’t work anymore. Not only do we not want you here, we want all your kinfolk to go back to join you.

Trump signed an executive order on Friday allowing for ‘extreme vetting’ of foreign visitors and banned seven countries, including Syria, from entering the country.

The swift order immediately impacted hundreds of people traveling, some being pulled off flights and others turned away at airport customs.

And aside form Jew organized shitlibs, the majority of people are glad to see this happening. I can just picture it now.


It was met with floods of protests, including at airports where people were being detained for hours.

Are we never supposed to ask ourselves how these protests seem to magically get organized in an instant?

111Hey hey ho ho cancer kids we want more. 

There was a time these sympathy stories worked but like the stupid lampshade hoax, it’s quickly running out of gas (pun intended) and is no longer effective. No matter how many sad stories you put up of cancer kids, beach boys, ambulance boy or whatever it doesn’t hide the glaring reality that it is Moslems who are constantly doing the terrorism. Everywhere these people go, killings and strife follow. The time for sympathy is over. Now we enter the time of purging.




Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

2 thoughts on “Quick! Queue Up the Heart Breaking Story of a Sick Child!”

  1. It’s a shame he was born into a savage primitive people who are too stupid and evil to create and maintain a nice country with hospitals. Western Europeans have bent over backwards trying to civilize these and many other peoples. It can’t be done. I’m certainly not going to sacrifice the safety and security and way of life of me and my posterity so he doesn’t die.

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