You Don’t Have a Right to Come Here

GPL has been unplugged most of the weekend. As some of you have noticed, most weekends the blog posting drops way off. The truth is, most of the weekend work I do for our cause is put into the show. Case in point: I wound up recording this next show twice, as I was unsatisfied with the first effort. By the time you figure in editing, that’s quite a bit of time put in over the weekend. I am a big believer in the idea that if you are to be most effective, you need to guard against burnout. Thus, since I work on the show on the weekend I tend to neglect the blog. My advice to all of you involved in this thing we’re doing would be to be sure you make time to do something else. You will find that you are more effective if you do.


Now with that having been said, I turn on the TV after spending much of the afternoon outside and what do I see? The local TV station filled with sad Moslem feels over the fact that they can’t just waltz into the country whenever they feel like it anymore.

crying-moslem                                                         You just can’t understand the feel I’m feeling when it’s more difficult to fulfill my duty of jihad. 

The reporters were at the scene of DFW airport (which I can personally attest to being a cesspool of hajis and blacks) to bring us the uplifting stories of all of these Moslems and how sad it is that they had to wait a whole 24 hours to get into the country. They of course somehow managed to find an Iranian who looked white to get his sad tale. They then went on to show us protesters at the airport, apparently upset that not anyone can just walk into the country whenever they feel like it.

Activists Protest Muslim Immigration Ban At Dallas Fort-Worth AirportShitlibs: after 50 years still unable to come up with a more original protest chant than, “Hey hey ho ho (fill in the blank) has got to go.” 

The JEWdicial system is of course busy trying to block Trump’s actions but the fact of the matter is that the President has the Constitutional right to determine who can and cannot come into the country. None of these people have the right to just come into our country anytime they please. This is simply a fact so if we look at these stupid protesters, we have to assume they have the opposite view: that America is open to whoever wants to come here whenever they want to come here. This is of course ludicrous on it’s face but you have to remember, these are the same people who think they are sending a serious message when they march in the streets with giant fake vaginas on their heads. The media is of course praising the woman judge who moved to try to block Trump’s legal order but they fail to grasp that the system is breaking down right in front of us. Elections do have consequences and we are not going away and we are not going to stand by while they simply try to jew Trump out carrying out the will of the people. These people all fail to realize that even though they are able to field a bunch of protesters into the streets thanks to Jew funding and organizing, when they stir the anger of the rest of the people to the point that everyone else goes out into the streets, they are going to be facing numbers and a level of rage that will make them soil themselves. Each one of these steps they take forcing their agenda down our throats takes us another step closer to out and out open conflict. When that time comes, I don’t think it’s going to go the way our opponents imagine it will.

vagina_ladyI’ve seen the faces of our enemy and quite frankly, I’m not real intimidated. 

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