Quebec Mosque Shooting Story Has Turned Stange

This entire story of the mosque shooting in Canada has gotten really weird. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not incapable of grasping the fact that white people can get enough of seeing their countries invaded and wind up taking drastic action. It’s just that the entire narrative has taken a complete 360. Let’s stop for a moment and take a quick review of some of the details of this incident.

When this thing first happened, the ambulances hadn’t even hardly left yet when Trudeau had come out decrying this as a terrorist attack against the poor innocent Moslems.

111TFW you are constantly having to cover up the crimes of the Hajis you imported but then you get word someone has killed your precious pets. 

What struck me as strange about this was that there was no way any details of what exactly had happened could have been known. There is always going to be a large amount of conflicting stories, etc. surrounding a large scale incident such as this and it takes time to wade through it all and piece together what actually happened. Now at the time, I chalked this up to a simple case of a leftist jumping at the chance of having an incident such as this happen where it isn’t Moslems for a change. However, you would think that even a lightweight faggot like Trudeau would know better then to come out making sweeping statements before the actual details of what happened could have been discovered by investigators.

Shortly  after the PM and other leftists had all come out wearing ashes and sackcloth in mourning for the poor innocent Hajis that had been slain while praying to their god of peace, details emerged that the gunmen (as in plural, we will get to this in a moment) had broke in yelling “Allah Akbar” and one of them was from Morocco. This is awfully specific information to fall under the category of misinformation being released while things are still in a tumultuous state.

111You can always assume these are all good boys who wouldn’t do a terrorism on you. 

Needless to say, those of us on the right (i.e. those of us who deal in the world of reality) were not surprised at all. It’s not as though Moslems have any problem with mowing down other Moslems if they don’t belong to the same sect or anything. The Prime Minister, as well as all of the other leftists world wide who had jumped at the chance to posture at how saddened they were over these Moslems being killed looked like the fools they are. Especially in light of the fact that these same leaders have gone to great lengths to cover up the crimes these people commit constantly while at the same time, literally throwing people in prison for complaining about it.

Then suddenly, the story has taken a complete 360 degree turn, as though it was written to reflect the narrative that Trudeau and all of these other leftist leaders had jumped out and started promoting before anyone had even finished removing the bodies. All of the sudden, we had a LONE shooter instead of multiple shooters and guess what: it was a white male who supported Trump.

111                                              This is what the face of real terrorism looks like. I’m surprised they didn’t find a picture of him in a MAGA cap. 

Every single detail (and there seem to be an amazing amount of them) about this guy fits absolutely perfectly with the leftist narrative. Not only does he support Trump but LePen as well. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they find that he was a regular commenter at The Daily Stormer. Grandpa Lampshade is the last one in the world to be quick to jump up and claim false flag and in fact, I have been critical of those that do so. As I stated at the beginning of this article, I’m not incapable of accepting the fact that white people can get enough and snap and start shooting people. However, the way this story has changed direction so quickly and has turned out just exactly as those that were out there pushing an angry white male shooter angle before any details were actually known seems more than a little suspicious to me. How do you get from multiple gunmen yelling the usual chant of terrorists everywhere to a lone white guy who supports Trump in just a matter of a few short days? Now the Moroccan guy has gone from being one of the shooters to a good boy who is just a witness. Now all of the leftists who looked stupid for coming out and claiming it was an angry white Trump supporter who hated Moslems for the color of their skin before any details were actually able to be known about what had taken place suddenly are proven to be 100% correct right down to the last detail. GPL is a long way from being a conspiracy nut but I do have the ability to look at things critically and see that this story has a real smell coming from it. Or hey, it could just be a simple case that Trudeau is a little bit psychic and knew before the investigators did that it was an angry white male Trump and LePen supporter who hated Moslems for the color of their skin who just so happened to decide to do a mass shooting at a Mosque right when the leftists have been pointing their impotent rage at Trump for his Moslem travel ban. It could all be pure coincidence. However, I’ve always been of the belief that there is no such thing as coincidence, just plans other people make that they don’t tell you about.


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