The Majority of People Support Stopping These Moslems From Entering the Country. Quick! Fire Up Another Sob Story

The thing about dealing with big issues such as whether or not to allow large groups of people into your country is that it is impossible to sort through each and every individual case. I mean it is literally impossible. When you have a group of people, namely Moslems who as a group come into your country and rape your women, blow up your people and run them down with trucks, you have to take action against that group. It goes without saying that there are individual people in that group that might would not do those things but that is irrelevant. However that doesn’t stop the media from churning out the sob stories to try to get the American people to change their mind and go along with their own destruction.

A baby boy suffering from burn injuries has been separated from his family after Trump’s controversial travel ban left the two-year-old’s parents stranded in Iraq.

bored-pepe                                                                                                       Picture of me not caring. 

The baby, Dilbreen, who was left badly burned after an ISIS attack in an Iraqi refugee camp, was rushed to Shriners Hospital in Boston after a children’s charity obtained two visas for the boy and his father, CBS reported.

It seems to me that if you look at a map, there are a ton of Moslem countries much closer than America. Why couldn’t he go there for treatment?

The boy underwent preliminary surgery and his father flew back to Iraq to be with the baby’s mother as she gave birth to another son who she named Trump, on Election Day.

I don’t even see what the big deal is. It’s not like these Moslems aren’t going to churn out plenty of kids if this one doesn’t make it.

The family was due to return to the US and stay at social service organization, House of Peace in Ipswich, Massachusetts, as Dilbreen was set to undergo a second surgery this month.
However, the family was told their visas had been revoked following President Trump’s immigration ban.


Cry me a river Hajis. Don’t worry, you won’t be separated for long as I’m sure we can find away to ship your little piece of charcoal back to you COD.

‘So they are stranded in Iraq,’ Carrie Schuchardt from House of Peace said.
‘The child is here. The need for surgery is pressing.’

Schuchardt eh? That name sounds like it has an echo to it. But anyway, my reaction is: So? It’s not like the family will be performing the surgery so what’s stopping them?

Baby Dilbreen was one of three Iraqi children who were taken to Shriners in October with children’s charity, Road to Peace.

How much did that cost? They launder this tax money through these so called charities to throw the people off the track of being outraged that their tax dollars are being used to import burnt Hajis that will just grow up to blow themselves up in a mall somewhere. Most of the time when you look into it, these charities get “donations” from entities such as the State Department.

Sally Becker, of Road to Peace, frequently travels across the world to rescue children in war-torn countries.

Wow it’s so great that we live in a country where things are so good that there are no kids who need medical help here so that we have to go overseas to find them and import them in. Just ran her though the kikeometer 5000 and got a positive hit. Kike confirmed.

111Who hand delivers foreigners that will never contribute anything positive to our society you ask? The Jews, that’s who. 

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has challenged Trump’s executive order saying it threatens the ‘vitality, the livelihood, the lifeblood that drives so much’ of the state.

Yeah I just read her bio and it reads like a literal who’s who of shitlibery.

A Shriners Hospital spokesperson told Fox25, it is their mission to help victims like the Iraqi children.

How about helping some American kids? Look, as I usually do I’m having some keks poking fun at this nonsense but the truth of the matter is these stories really piss me off. Want to know why? Because in almost every store I go in you see jars with a few coins at the bottom with a homemade paper stuck to them asking for donations so some poor white family can try and get treatment for their sick kids. You see, if you live in America and your kid needs medical care and you have no money, you are screwed. They won’t even look at you. Some of you will say, “But GPL don’t they have charities for that?” Well, you just read the article: these ((charities)) are only interested in helping kids who aren’t white, even if that means they have to fly them in from the Mid East. I would suggest that the next time you start to feel like, “I dunno, maybe we should start making some exceptions to these rules so poor Iraqi kids that literally look like kebab can get some free medical care” you take a trip through town and instead drop a few coins in those donation jars. I’m sure their families would appreciate it.



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