One thought on “The Black Family”

  1. Yes! I mean, yes to the picture and it is the truth. Yet in spite of everything, because it is so untrue, it will eventually have no effect? maybe that is farfetched, but the fact is: true and basic straight up morality will out — I know at least two black men who do NOT like what is being foisted on black young men and are fiercely, to the point of homeschooling in one case (wife is doing that) his children, conscious. The other one is in the military and does not like what is going on there, or when I knew him didn’t, which was a year or so ago. He has a family too and his son was forced to write a letter to me to apologize for laughing at and getting a friend (white) to laugh at, cartoons on the internet which downed white people. Of course they shouldn’t have been accessing that stuff to begin with in public school but they managed to … I did not like to continuously monitor 6th graders in my special education class and these two were among my students who deserved by their behavior and application to be let alone a bit.

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