When the Establishment Pushes Leftism 24/7 the Youth Will Go Full Fash

It is a normal part of being a teenager; rebelling against the establishment. Thus, I find it funny that the shitlib Marxist establishment is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to discover that after trying to drown our young people in their leftist doctrine their whole lives these young people have rebelled in the most logical way imaginable: they’re going full fash.

 A group of Texas high school students gave Nazi salutes and shouted ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ as they had a class photograph taken.

OMG! What’s next?! Were they creating Jew skin lampshades and replicating Mengele experiments in Biology?

The seniors at Cypress Ranch High School in Houston were posing for the photograph on Tuesday when ‘dozens’ of white students launched into the offensive pose.

Offensive to whom exactly? I think it’s top kek.

111                                                              Once these youths discover anime, it’s game over kikes! 

Other students who weren’t involved took photographs of the outburst and shared them online and with local media.

‘There was around 70 or so people. It was pretty terrifying,’ they told Click 2 Houston.

Oh yes, you poor dears I’m sure you will need counseling after this.

111Geez just to think, after forcing these kids to watch Schindler’s List 874 times while they’ve been in school that they would turn around and do something like this. SMDH

They were posing for the ‘silly picture’, traditionally taken after a more serious portrait of the class, when the incident occurred.

Yeah sure that’s how these things always start. Back in the day, do you know who else started off just goofing around throwing Roman salutes? Adolf Hitler, that’s who and we all know how that turned out!



One youngster whose siblings attend the school shared how they’d claimed the boys launched in to the Nazi salute in response to a group of female students giving the ‘black power fist’.

Oh, so now we get a picture that is a bit more clear. Niggers were agitating their black power crap again and shock of shocks, the white kids dared to show a sign of their own power. I can’t believe that some of you still don’t get what I’m talking about when I say that eventually you’re only choice will be to side with the Marxists or side with the Nazis. There really isn’t going to be any middle ground. You will either accept and submit that you are guilty for all of the sins of humanity and bow before the noble negro while being lectured to by the eternal parasite, the Jew your entire life or you will stand and say, “No more!” Make no mistake, even if you hate the idea of being identified as a Nazi, that’s what they’re going to call you one way or another. It’s a lot simpler to just embrace the title and realize that it has no power over you and in fact, it gives you power over your enemies. Of course the school and the Jews in the media only found one of the salutes given to be the offensive one, it’s not hard to guess which one. As the situation in this country continues to degrade, you will be seeing more Roman salutes, not less. The battle lines are being drawn and if you are white, you had better choose what side of those lines you want to be on. If you side with the Marxists, they may use you while they can but they will always hate you and if they are victorious, they will dispose of you when your usefulness has expired. If we are victorious we will show no quarter to traitors who sided with the enemy. There really is only one choice and it’s not one to be feared, it’s one to be embraced.




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2 thoughts on “When the Establishment Pushes Leftism 24/7 the Youth Will Go Full Fash”

  1. Just before this incident there was a San Antonio HS drama class that was assigned to break off in pairs and do skits. Two wetbacks performed assassinating President Trump. One wore a Trump mask and the other shot him with a smart phone “gun app”. Some parents were outraged and screamed for the teachers head. Except she’s a wetback too and nothing happened.
    I bet ya didn’t hear about that one, I wonder why?

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