Does Anyone Even Know What these Terrorists Want?

The thing about getting older is that you get a broader and broader perspective of things. Case in point: it used to be that when terrorists did a terrorism on you, you knew what their demands were. The basic idea of terrorism has always been to demoralize the citizens and erode citizen support for the government’s policies in order to effect the change that the terrorists are demanding. Back in the day most of the time the terrorists were demanding the U.S. withdraw support for Israel. The government’s response was always that we don’t negotiate with terrorists which worked out well since there was no way the Jew owned government was ever going to not support Israel. However in these modern days of ISIS things are different. Does anyone even know what the hell these people supposedly want?



Take the latest instance of vibrancy which has occurred in France. What exactly are they demanding that France do or not do? When ISIS claims responsibility for an attack, they don’t couple it with something like, “These attacks will continue until the infidels return the stolen land to the Palestinians”. It’s just like, “Ha! We jihaded you again LOL.” There is no real message. Sure, there’s some sort of talk about establishing a Caliphate but exactly what does that entail? Do they plan to have their Caliphate extend all the way into Europe? Do they plan to kill every last white person in Europe?  Usually one assumes these Moslems’ never ending outrage is directed at Jew Israel but ISIS has been in that neighborhood for years and we haven’t seen any attacks directed at Israel.



So what the hell is going on here, exactly? Obviously Grandpa Lampshade has the same limited amount of information that all of you do but I’ll give my brief take on it as best I can with what information we have. I believe what we are seeing here are several things occurring that are not necessarily directly related, although they are no doubt at least indirectly related. ISIS itself is an intelligence operation. Now it’s quite possible that parts of it have gone rogue and are now just doing their own thing but by and large, these people were created, financed, armed and organized by several players including but not limited to Israel and the Saudis. These people’s main task was to overthrow governments that the U.S., Israel and the Saudis didn’t like in the mid east by basically becoming an army that could be used without actually sending troops in. The idea was that this would fix the problem that countries such as the U.S. were running into with the citizenry refusing to go along with anymore regime change expeditions. The second positive would be that if they were ineffective, the government could then go ahead and send troops in with the stated claim to defeat this ISIS terror organization as cover while the actual mission would be to topple the targeted government, in this case Syria. This plan ran into a snag when the Russians decided to stop playing along with the charade. Now the entire operation has ground to a halt and it looks as though President Trump is poised to pull the plug. Needless to say, there are more than a few entities who are unhappy about this prospect.

111                                                                     Russia has very dank memes. 

Now, as to these terrorisms that keep going off in our base you have to remember that anyone can claim to be ISIS. Anywhere you have Moslems in large numbers, you have a ticking time bomb of jihad. So when one of these Moslems decides that he’s had enough of not getting a mansion to live in as he was promised or 53 infidel whores at his disposal as soon as he arrived in Europe and decides to say, “To hell with it!” and goes all Allah Akbar with a machete or a homemade bomb, it has more to do with just typical Moslem behavior than ISIS. In this sense, referring to these incidents as a terrorist attack isn’t necessarily accurate, as there is no actual political motivation involved. When a guy goes running down the sidewalk with a machete hacking people, he isn’t demanding that the government recognize his political grievances. He is simply  lashing out in rage at those who don’t look or behave as he does. In this sense, it’s no different than when blacks attack and kill whites daily in supposed robberies gone wrong. In other words, many of these happenings that we are seeing in Europe have much more to do with race, which in this case is reflected by Islam than it has to do with demanding some sort of political change. As a result, we have this situation where we have these people doing these attacks and yet everybody winds up in a state of confusion because they’re not really sure what the hell these people even want. The fact of the matter is, there is no reasoning with them because they don’t really want anything except to see you dead and your nations, wealth and women swallowed up by them and their own kind. Thus, there can be no peaceful resolution to what we are seeing occur. There can only be one answer: remove kebab.

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