Media Attempts Gotcha Story but Instead Wind Up Confirming Alt Right’s Point About Conservatives

Our enemies are so far behind the curve when it comes to realizing that the entire paradigm has shifted in America. They still think they can play the “Conservative” card when shitposters  and anime Nazis have already destroyed the conservative charade. These stories wind up getting the same eye rolling reaction as when some baby boomer tries to tell us that the Beatles were the greatest band ever.

The Seattle judge derided by President Donald Trump on Twitter Saturday after blocking Trump’s executive order on immigration is known for his conservative legal views.

Ah yes, because nothing says “Conservative vales” like allowing hajis full access to America. Wow, it’s a good thing nobody has proven that conservative is nothing more than fake opposition to the leftists agenda. We’ve all been stumped now.

However, he is also known for a record of helping disadvantaged children that includes fostering six of them, and for dramatically declaring ‘black lives matter’ during a hearing on police reform in 2015.


He’s literally a cuck!

Judge James L. Robart, 69, was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush in 2004

LOL They think there are still people left who don’t hate George W. Bush!

111                                                                                                   Not really faggot. 

Washington state sued to block the order – with support from Minnesota and major corporations including Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia – arguing that it’s unconstitutional and would harm its residents, and Robart held that the state was likely correct.

We are so overdue for breaking up these big corporations. I don’t see how anyone can not now clearly see that they are hostile entities that will destroy your country if it will bump their profit margin a few percent.

The ruling did not sit well with the president.
‘The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned,’ Trump tweeted.

My money is on Trump.

It’s a comment unlikely to sway Robart, said those who know him.
‘Jim will give a wry smile, maybe adjust his bowtie a little bit and go back to doing his business,’ said former Seattle US attorney John McKay, who worked with Robart for a decade at the law firm of Lane Powell Spears Lubersky.

We’ll see how smug he is when he’s disbarred and on his way to a labor camp.

‘He’s a very careful judge, and he’s conservative in the sense he looks at the law and tries to determine what that is, not what he wants,’ McKay said.

…and in the very next sentence……..

‘He’s conservative in his review of the law, but courageous in his application of it.’

Yeah in other words: bullshit.

That was evident Friday when Robart grilled a Justice Department lawyer, asking if there had been any terrorist attacks by people from the seven counties since 9/11. Michelle Bennett said she didn’t know.

I wish I was the lawyer that he tried this on. I would have dropped a thermonuclear truth bomb right on his cuck conservative ass.

6666               LOL 911? Well Your Honor, I wasn’t planning to go there today but since you brought it up…

So the story has really worked to build up this impression that this Judge is a legal genius who knows all about the Constitution and is one of the best and brightest minds in regards to the law in regards to the Constitutionality of the President setting policy on who can and cannot come into the country……

Robart, a graduate of Georgetown Law School, is an expert in patent and intellectual property law, and he issued a landmark decision – later upheld by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals – in a lawsuit between Microsoft and Motorola that provided guidance in how to calculate reasonable rates for use of another company’s patents.

He’s a freaking patent lawyer! So now, we have a situation where a patent lawyer actually believes that the President doesn’t have the authority in the Constitution (which BTW has already been settled many years ago in the Supreme Court) and the ((media)) is celebrating this as though Trump has actually been stumped this time. SMDH

He’s considered a tough sentencing judge in criminal matters, especially in cases involving white-collar defendants, and he has overseen reforms at the Seattle Police Department since 2012, when it agreed to make changes in response to Justice Department findings that its officers were too quick to use force, especially in low-level situations.

WTF does this have to do with immigration law?

Robart was holding a hearing in that case in summer 2015 – a time fraught with tension over violence by and against police officers around the country – when he surprised the courtroom by adopting the mantra of protesters.

Yes, we have a term for this and it’s not “brave hero”, it’s “cucked faggot”. It went out of style quite some time ago.

‘The importance of this issue to me is best demonstrated by the news,’ he said, shaking his head and sighing heavily.
‘According to FBI statistics, police shootings resulting in death involve 41 percent black people, despite being only 20 percent of the population living in those cities. Forty-one percent of the casualties, 20 percent of the population: Black lives matter.’

6666                                                   TFW the judge recognizes all these good boys who were turning their lives around are being gunned down in the streets for no reason by the police. 

Yeah, this judge sounds like a real conservative alright. I can see Bill Kristol smiling with approval from here. This pinnacle of legal genius recognizes that if blacks are killed in larger proportion to the rest of the population it can only mean one thing: the cops are going around gunning them down for the color of their skin. And to think that these people can’t grasp why their little conservatism fake opposition game no longer works. In fact, not only do they not grasp it, they are actually doubling down on the very things that helped prove to everyone that the entire thing was a complete farce to begin with. I’ve got news for you cucks and faggot traitors; purges are coming. You may still be holding on to your positions of power and authority but those very institutions are crumbling beneath your feet. The time is fast approaching when the foundations of this rotten system which you are standing on will give way and you will find yourself swept up in the aftermath of the rage and bitterness in the public that you yourselves created. When that time comes, your inevitable cries of repentance and appeals for mercy will go unheard. We will be the ones in power……and we will be coming for you.





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    1. Graphics especially of Bush made me laugh. Maybe some know the beatles were concocted to do their part in dissolving the spine of the west. All ‘Srila Prabhupada’ had to do in the Bowery in NYC and later in San Francisco was say there is a connection between Christ and [amoral blue] Krishna. When really the term is Sanskrit and the only correct use relates to Christ 2,000 years ago. Sanskrit gave English other words too.


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