Real Life Downsides To Race Mixing

We often hear the saying, “Burn the coal, pay the toll” in regards to mudsharks who so often meet an untimely end. It is simply a fact that if a woman goes mudsharking, she has a much greater chance of meeting a violent end than if she did not. This is not a disputable claim, it is cold hard fact. However there are other real downsides to race mixing. One of the things people don’t often stop to consider, is the tragic consequences it can have on the children produced by these relationships.

When Breana Cincotta was seven, she asked to see her own birth certificate.
She was convinced she was adopted and wanted to see the proof. Her mother Marilyn showed it to her and convinced her it wasn’t the case.
At school, Breana had been struggling to make friends and was even bullied. Her classmates would ask if Marilyn was her real mom or if Breana was actually adopted. Eventually she had started to believe it.
Why? Breana looks white but her twin sister Brittney looks black.

These kids obviously haven’t had it explained to them by Jewish professors that race is a social construct.

As a child of a black mom and a white dad, Breana was called albino and was even told she had to ‘choose a side’ between black and white.

Gee, I wonder what was the racial make up of the group making those demands.

111The girl on the right will have no problem being accepted into black society. The girl on the left, not so much. 

Mixed-race couples in Europe who are expecting twins have a one in 500 chance their twins will have different skin tones, UK geneticist Dr Jim Wilson told the BBC.

The fact of the matter is, if a white person mixes with a black the odds are the kids will come out black. All those centuries of accumulated genetics? Flushed down the toilet.

And as interracial marriages and relationships in the US increase, the likeliness of twins like Brittney and Breana are increasing as well. One academic hopes that more children like Brittney and Breana will help change the way the US views race.

Oh yay! An academic.

Francis Wardle is a professor in Denver, Colorado, and has been studying and writing about multiracial families since 1976. He teaches courses on diversity, education and multiracial children and families at the online University of Phoenix and at Red Rocks Community College. He has also written countless articles and three books on the subject of multiracial families.

You know what’s coming next.


‘Race is determined by the society and how they create categories,’ Francis said.

You see? Those elementary kids (no doubt black) had no idea that race was simply determined by society.

…until 2000, we wouldn’t even entertain the idea of mixed race….

Yeah because everyone knew it was a real shitty idea. Guess what: they were right.

…so race is nothing to do with biology, it has to do with the society and politics of that society.’

Do you get that Goyim? Since society never had to deal with mixed race children in the past because as a society we recognized that race mixing was a stupid self destructive idea, that proves that race is actually just something constructed by society itself. Only a Jew.

333         Look, GPL always tries to verify 100% if someone is Jew or not but come on…..

In America, Wardle said, the problem comes down to a rule called the one-drop rule.
‘The one-drop rule says that if you have a drop of black heritage somewhere in your lineage, you are black – which is stupid.

LOL wut? I’ve lived in America my whole life and I’ve never heard anyone quote this rule.

‘We all have genetic background from different places and the fact that they’re put into different categories is simply an artifact of a racist society.

What exactly is your genetic back ground, kike?

And there’s no logic to it at all. It doesn’t many any sense…

Yes because observable reality isn’t what you should believe. Instead you should try to somehow wrap your mind abound this Jewish gibberish.

Regardless of race, we’re all one species. There’s no biological discussion at all. It doesn’t make any sense.

Regardless of race? But I thought race didn’t exist? It’s almost like your line of bullshit is full of contradictions.

111Word of warning: when you’re young and stupid you might think, “Heh, she’s not bad for a nog! In fact, if I have a few drinks, she’s pretty cute”….

2222….this will be your life just a few short years down the road. 

Just look at that soulless look of despair on that guy’s face.

‘You have to continually deconstruct the stupid idea that there are somehow fundamental racial groups. There are not. They’re inventions of society initially to keep people down and it’s time to begin to deconstruct that.’

How do you know when a Jew is jewing you? Well pretty much anytime you’re dealing with them but one real tell is statements such as this. If what he is saying is the observable truth, you wouldn’t have to continually deconstruct the idea. The reason he has to continually deconstruct the idea is because what he is promoting is a lie. The fact is, if you choose to race mix, your actions don’t just effect you. Your parents will never get to enjoy grandchildren who look like them that they can be proud of in public. Your children will more than likely come out black, which means they will grow up identifying as black. As a result, they will wind up making children with a black which means your racial lineage will be destroyed. All in the name of selfish signalling for the lie that we’re all the same but for the color of thee skin. Don’t go this route. Trust me, you’ll regret it later if you do.




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4 thoughts on “Real Life Downsides To Race Mixing”

  1. The videos would be too sad to watch showing children of white~Japanese parentage. They are present in Hawaii. Pair is 99% of the time white male~female Japanese. One couple is female white~Chinese male and she did it because of a very independent streak – within her relationship, she has autonomy simple because she is white and he is Chinese. She likes it that way I speculate. She is a Vice Principal at the school I recently left. The young whites who are doing this will regret it; the pairing is ultimately very incompatible. We just should not race mix. Period.

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  2. Paternal twins can often have different fathers if the mother was banging two men at the same time. I’d be willing to bet real money that the darker one isn’t his. The lighter one looks like her dad, but the other? Not even close. He got cucked!

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  3. ‘You have to continually deconstruct the stupid idea that there are somehow fundamental racial groups. There are not. They’re inventions of society initially to keep people down and it’s time to begin to deconstruct that.’

    kikes consider it a mortal sin to mate outside their own blood, that’s drummed into them from childhood. And ya gotta have a DNA test to prove kike blood to gain citizenship in israhell, it’s the law!!!
    Filthy fuckin jooooz.

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