John McCain is Nothing More Than a Traitorous Shill

For some reason because John McCain crashed multiple aircraft in Vietnam and eventually got captured, we’re not supposed to criticize or mention the fact that as a Senator he’s a treasonous shill for the Jews. 

President Donald Trump tore into Arizona Sen. John McCain this morning, claiming that the former prisoner of war has been ‘losing so long he doesn’t know how to win anymore.’

You notice that when the Jewish owned and operated media wants to protect McCain from criticism, they always mention the POW thing. Ask yourself this: what the hell does being a POW have to do with McCain’s political career? If you ask me, he’s done his best to turn us all into POW’s. POW’s of the ZOG regime.

mccain-memeWhat’s wrong with you stupid Goys? Don’t you know that Israel’s interests are our interests? 

McCain and Trump have never seen eye-to-eye on foreign policy, and the Republican senator has been especially critical of the president’s first special op, a raid in Yemen on an al Qaeda affiliate.
The White House has repeatedly said the assault was a ‘success,’ even though a Navy SEAL and an eight-year-old American girl died in the crossfire.
‘While many of the objectives of the recent raid in Yemen were met, I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success,’ McCain rebutted. The senator first said the incursion was a ‘failure’ but toned down his remarks.

Really Senator? No operation that results in the loss of American life is a success? Then by that metric, every single war America has ever been involved in has been a complete failure. Seriously, this is what is supposed to pass as an expert on foreign policy. Man I hate democracy.

Trump said Thursday morning that McCain should keep his opinions to himself – criticism of the operation ‘only emboldens the enemy!’

Yeah well, considering there are more than a few guys who were prisoners with McCain that claim he sang like a canary for the Vietnamese, I don’t find that to be a surprise.

‘He’s been losing so…….long he doesn’t know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our country is in – bogged down in conflict all over the place.

Well, he has no problem with the loss of American lives if it’s fighting in the interest of the Jews in Israel.

‘Our hero….Ryan died on a winning mission ( according to General Mattis), not a “failure.” Time for the U.S. to get smart and start winning again!’
Ryan is the SEAL who died in the operation, William ‘Ryan’ Owens.

We should keep Trump’s handling of the loss of a single American soldier in mind and think back on Hillary’s “What does it matter at this point” reaction to Benghazi.

6666Really, some guys dying….what does it matter to me at this point? 

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed negative assessments of the raid that reportedly killed 30 people, including some civilians, did a ‘disservice’ to the Navy SEAL – and McCain should apologize.
McCain isn’t budging. He told news outlets after Spicer’s briefing with reporters that he knows what a ‘failed’ mission looks like, all too well.

LOL Well yeah, I suppose that’s right. McCain is very familiar with what failed missions look like since everything he’s touched in this area turns to shit. He may have realized that this looks bad. Quick! Bring up getting captured by the Vietnamese for the six millionth time!

‘Many years ago, when I was imprisoned in North Vietnam, there was an attempt to rescue the POWs. Unfortunately, the prison had been evacuated, but the brave men who took— risked their lives in an effort to rescue us prisoners of war were genuine American heroes,’ he recalled.

Just think: if you hadn’t crashed that last plane you wouldn’t have even been there.

Three U.S. service members were wounded in the onslaught, along with eight-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki, known as Nora. The daughter of American terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, Nora was a United States citizen.

So where was McCain with his outrage when Obama intentionally killed al-Awalaki’s teenage son in a drone strike? I’m going to assume here that the purpose of the mission wasn’t to target and kill the 8 year old girl.

111                                         Trump should hand over all policy dealing with terrorists to John McCain. He is a real expert when it comes to dealing with these guys. 

McCain says any operation where a $75 million airplane is lost, a Navy SEAL is killed, and there are multiple casualties, including women and children, ‘cannot be labeled a success.’

LOL He brought up losing a plane!

On Tuesday, the former prisoner of war was quoted as saying the mission was a ‘failure,’ but a day later he appeared to soften his assessment in saying that it was not a ‘success.’

This article is going to set a record for number of times the term “prisoner of war” is mentioned. Now look, do not interpret my mocking of John McCain as some sort of slight against guys who were taken prisoner during war. There is nothing shameful in having been captured. What is shameful is the way this shill has thrown American lives at wars that were not in our interest but instead that of a foreign power who owns him lock stock and barrel. What is shameful is that this shill hides behind the prisoner of war title in an attempt to shield himself from criticism over the fact that his actions are treasonous. What is shameful is that we are supposed to take someone who has crashed multiple aircraft with his reckless behavior as some sort of foreign policy expert and if we point out what he has done and what he is doing then we are somehow disrespecting anyone who was ever a prisoner of war. Well you know what? I think the real insult to POW’s is the fact that this liar and traitor uses them as a shield against criticism of his political actions. For that, I hope someday he finds himself back in a camp. Perhaps a little closer to home this time.



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One thought on “John McCain is Nothing More Than a Traitorous Shill”

  1. And while we were enduring one terrorist attack after another in the 90’s, that POS McCain was busy with a “worthier cause”- campaigning overtime to get the UFC banned!

    Reminds me of that other traitor, John Kerry. That glory monger got my Brothers in the shit sandwich continuously just so he could walk his own Purple Heart papers up the chain, for assorted bumps and scratches. When I was serving River Gunboat duty in Nam, we were trained not to “pull a Kerry”, or guys were gonna have a REAL bad day.

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