Yes, It’s the Jews. Just Ask Them

We often get accused of being conspiracy nutcases for pointing out the role that Jews play in the destruction of our country. If there is one thing that will be the final hurdle in waking conservative normie types up, it’s getting them over their blind spot when it comes to “Muh Jews”. They tell us that we are blinded by some sort of irrational hatred of these people who are like a lone beacon of democracy in the Mid East surrounded by hostile terrorists who want to wipe them off the map and turn them all into lampshades and soap. When we point out the role these Jews play in bringing these Moslems into our countries they tell us that can’t be so because Israel is “Muh greatest ally ever” who are siding with us against the Hajis.


Of course, what is so funny about this is that the fact that we are right is completely out in the open. All these conservative types have to do is look at what the Jews themselves are saying.

DULLES, Va. (JTA) – The Israeli-born high-tech millionaire gathered his family after turning on CNN. The rabbi who leads an interfaith group got a text from a Muslim friend. The corporate lawyer was tracking a pro-bono email list she’s on.

Within a few hours, all of them had descended on Dulles Airport, about 25 miles outside of the nation’s capital.

What’s that? Trump wants to stop Haji terrorists from coming into America? Quick! To the Kike mobile!

They were among the thousands of Americans who met at major international airports across the country Saturday to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

(((Americans))) Gee, I wonder if they’ll bring up the Holocaust?

In the plight of those refused entry, many Jews saw something akin to what their forebears endured as they attempted to flee Nazi-occupied Europe.

See you might have thought that your grandfather fought in WWII to stop Adolf Hitler from turning the entirety of the world’s Jews into lampshades and soap but in reality, America is just as guilty of the Holocaust as Hitler was.

Some noted cruel irony in the president’s order coming down on Friday, which was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Trump’s directive blocks for 120 days all refugees from entering the country, with an indefinite ban on those from Syria, and prevents for 90 days entry into the United States by citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Aren’t these all countries that the Jews claim want to wipe them off the map? Then why are they demanding that they all be allowed to come here?

Chava Brandress, a corporate lawyer, said she belongs to a pro-bono legal listserv, and her email “began exploding” Saturday afternoon with tales of foreign nationals being detained after landing at Dulles.

“I felt, ‘I can’t understand how this is happening again,’” said Brandress, 36, recalling how Jews, fleeing Nazi persecution, were turned away from U.S. shores.

Of course. We’re all guilty of the great lampshading of the 20th century.


At New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, protesters packed sidewalks and a parking structure outside Terminal 4. They carried placards slamming the executive order and chanting slogans such as “No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here.”

Let me check: yep, the number of refugees that Israel has taken in is still 0.

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, was among those who joined the protest at San Francisco International Airport. In 1979, Brin’s family fled religious persecution in the Soviet Union and resettled in the United States with the help of HIAS, then known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

And he expresses his gratitude by demanding that we destroy America now by letting in infinity Moslems.

111“You’re crazy! Why would the Jews support bringing in Moslems when they are the Moslem’s enemy? They would never do that! Jews love us!”…said Conservatives. 

At the international terminal of Los Angeles International Airport, Rabbi Suzanne Singer of Temple Beth El in Riverside, California, voiced opposition to the executive order with hundreds of others. She traveled some 70 miles to be there.

It is very difficult to organize and put together a protest. If you’ve been wondering how these anti-Trump protests seem to keep coming together on a moment’s notice, this article is a clue for you.

“It’s an absolute outrage that we are keeping people from coming here for refuge,” Singer said. “My mother was a survivor from Auschwitz. As Jews, we know what it’s like to be persecuted.”

Hey Jews, why does everyone in the world who has to deal with you wind up hating you? I mean, according to you it’s all everyone else’s fault but that doesn’t really seem realistic. Maybe it’s something that ya’ll are doing.

She added, “It’s certainly not Jewish values; it’s not American values” to ban people based upon religion.

You see Goyim? When these kikes are on TV talking about how these things are against “our values” what they really mean is they are against “Jewish values”.

Also at the Los Angeles airport protest was Gabriel Lobet, 18, who just hours earlier had been teaching a Hebrew school class about a Torah portion in which Abraham welcomes a stranger in his midst.

“A core value of my Hebrew school years, and being a bar mitzvah, is that we were strangers, immigrants in a new land,” Lobet said.

I love how Jews will whip out the Torah to try to create the illusion of a bond with Christian Goyim but never talk about what’s in the Talmud. I wonder why that is?

Nearby, Mana Rostami-Mouripour, a Muslim who emigrated from Iran when she was 15, was protesting with a Jewish colleague from the international NGO Human Rights Watch. Rostami-Mouripour said she came fearing “that what happened in Nazi Germany and Rwanda and so many places will happen here.”

If that’s the case, then why do all of these people demand that they be allowed to come here? To use these lying kike’s Holocaust equivalency metric, this would be like all of the Jews in the world demanding to be allowed to come into Nazi Germany.

At Dulles, Rabbi Jack Moline, the president of Interfaith Alliance, checked his phone following Shabbat to find a text message from a Muslim colleague. “Nice crowd,” she texted. “Come on down.” And so he did.

I thought we were sending billions of dollars to Israel every year because these Moslems all have an irrational hatred of the Jews for no reason. Looks to me like they get along pretty well when it comes to attacking us.

One woman at Dulles held up a large cardboard sign that said in English and Arabic, “I am a Jew. I am happy you’re in America.” A man in a kippah offered Arabic translations. An airport luggage cart was converted — thanks to Scotch tape and a sheet of paper emblazoned with “Free Legal Assistance” in pink marker — into an ad hoc law office abutting the roped-off transit area for arriving passengers.

These Nazis are crazy claiming that the Jews would ever work with the Moslems to destroy us! Where’s the proof?!


Zlotnitsky, 43, his wife, Miri, and their son, Jacob, 14, had seen the protests at Dulles on CNN and joined. He said he came to the United States from Israel when he was 12. He overstayed his visa and now ran a data analysis firm.

“If we give up our core ideals,” he said, “that’s how the terrorists win.”

Then by this metric, Israel must be losing badly to the terrorists. Or could it be that the Jews are lying to us? Why, one might even start to think that Hitler’s actions against the Jews were actually an act of self defense. There is the old proverb that says “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”. I would offer an alternative “The Jew cries out about the Holocaust as he works to genocide you”. You Jews must be quite confident that you will be able to ride this Holocaust lie all the way to the end as a shield to protect you from the Goyim as you destroy their countries. Hell, you may even be right but you should also stop to consider what happens if they wake up one day and discover that the entire thing is a lie.


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