Brand New Thoughts of the Day


After taking last week off, Thoughts of the Day is back! I heard from quite a few of you last week wondering where the hell the show was. Well the wait is over because we have a brand new installment up and ready to go. There are going to be a lot of exciting and new things showing up and happening around these parts so be sure you keep checking back in because trust me, you’re going to like it.  The blog is growing and I’m going to be doing things with the show as well as changes coming to Radio Aryan that are going to be amazing and lots of fun. Don’t forget to send me any listener questions/comments you may have. For the time being, emailing them to me through this space is probably the best way to go. Even though I missed putting up a show last week, I’m confident that this week’s installment will be well worth the wait.

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3 thoughts on “Brand New Thoughts of the Day”

  1. Hi there Grandpa, in the show you said you appreciate feedback and I appreciate the quality content you work so hard to put out so I thought I’d leave you a thank you. Found your show on Daily Stormer and every time I listen in I find you insightful and entertaining. You evidently have a lot of knowledge and you’re doing great work getting the message out there. The blog and show are fantastic and I hope you continue the great work you’re doing for all of us. Your determination is an inspiration to me and if it helps, you’re winning. You’re reaching the next generation, myself included. You’re exposing the lies and showing people the truth. Thank you for all you do, hail victory!

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    1. Thank you very much. I simply try to do my best to find the truth in this world where we are being flooded with lies. Once upon a time that wasn’t such a revolutionary thing but sadly, the world we now live in is so corrupted that speaking the truth is akin to starting a coup.

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      1. It’s incredibly difficult to wade (as in dredge through quicksand) through the information put out via the low-hanging-fruit avenues, but you stating your opinions of realities is something I look forward to. I’ve never been to Texas but I think Tex Mars is there and Ted Nugent is there. I like those guys, maybe we could all sit down and have coffee together!! 😎

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