For Some Reason or Another, ((They)) are Determined we Have WWIII with Russia

The original plan was to elect Hillary who openly campaigned for WWIII with Russia under the guise of protecting ISIS. Turns out, that didn’t really sell that well with the American public. Now that Trump has been elected they are having to go about it in another way but they have by no means given up on the war with Russia. Apparently they’ve decided that everyone won’t be wiped out in a nuclear war, just the little people who don’t really matter anyway.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Russia has deployed a cruise missile in violation of a Cold War-era arms control treaty, a Trump administration official said Tuesday, a development that complicates the outlook for U.S.-Russia relations amid turmoil on the White House national security team.

U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that the missile became operational late last year, said an administration official, who wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss the matter and demanded anonymity.

Ok either these media people are simply making this shit up and claiming anonymous sources or Trump has got a serious problem with people in his Administration openly undermining his Presidency. I think it’s time he takes a hard look at all of these Republican establishment guys that he has put in place.

It also has stirred concern on Capitol Hill, where Sen. John McCain, the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, called on the Trump administration to ensure U.S. nuclear forces in Europe are ready.

Everyday I think it’s not possible for me to hate John McCain more than I already do and then…BOOM I find out that yes, it is indeed possible for me to hate John McCain more.

mccain-memeSure WWIII with Russia would be bad for America but what is really important is the security of Israel! 

“Russia’s deployment of nuclear-tipped ground-launched cruise missiles in violation of the INF treaty is a significant military threat to U.S. forces in Europe and our NATO allies,” McCain, R-Ariz., said in a statement Tuesday. He said Russian President Vladimir Putin was “testing” Trump.

Of course there was also that whole agreement not to expand NATO eastward which was quickly forgotten but hey, we’re exceptional.

Trump’s White House is in a difficult moment, with no national security adviser following the forced resignation Monday night of Michael Flynn. He is accused of misleading Vice President Mike Pence about contacts with a Russian diplomat while President Barack Obama was still in office.

Looks to me as though traitors inside the White House are taking this opportunity to try and undermine the new President while they see an opening. It’s time for a purge.

Meanwhile, a U.S. defense official said Tuesday that a Russian intelligence-collection ship has been operating off the U.S. east coast, in international waters.

Oh hell wait a minute! I didn’t realize that a Russian ship was in international waters. This changes everything.

The New York Times, which was first to report the missile deployment, said the Russians have two battalions of the prohibited cruise missile. One is at a missile test site at Kapustin Yar and one was moved in December from the test site to an operational base elsewhere in the country.

First: the New York Times has been caught lying multiple times before so I don’t know why anything they say should have any credibility. Second: even if this is true, maybe there’s some sort of reason why Russia would be making these moves. I just can’t quite put my finger on it.


The State Department wouldn’t confirm the report. It noted that last year it reported Russia was in violation of its treaty obligations not to possess, produce or flight-test a ground-launched cruise missile with a range of between 500 and 5,500 kilometers, or to possess or produce launchers for such missiles.

I wonder if there is something in a treaty somewhere saying the State Department of the United States shouldn’t be involved in staging a coup on Russia’s doorstep? I mean I dunno, maybe that’s perfectly legit but it just seems like that would be against some sort of agreement.

And so, the war drums against Russia continue to intensify. Trump has made it clear that he’s not really interested in overseeing WWIII but it would seem that those who believe they actually run the country have other plans. I really don’t have a firm idea of why WWIII with Russia is necessary beyond the fact that the Jews’ global usury scheme is on the verge of imploding and WWIII would help give them cover for that along with the added bonus of killing lots of Goyim. I guess they figure it will bring them one step closer to their place at the top of human hierarchy; ruling over the Goyim cattle from their gated castles. Maybe it’s just all of the doomsday stories I read and watched growing up but somehow, I don’t think nuclear war will wind up being a net positive for anybody.







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2 thoughts on “For Some Reason or Another, ((They)) are Determined we Have WWIII with Russia”

  1. ITunes again is flat-lined. Nothing since Saturday February 11. I wrote to Sven. I would love to have the responsibility of handling/preventing this and saving him the trouble of contacting whoever is; I just don’t know what technical knowledge I need to do that.



      Motive to post is that people see this who may have missed it. Trump to me simply would have had to be super human to counter what is happening to him. I have been worried for some time … Trump has heart in the right place. He simply is too good for the job and took it because he loved us and his country. He is not built with enough of the right kind of evil. God didn’t make him that way. His heart was continuously misunderstood; no one could take that for very long. It is an unstable and thoroughly evil world we live in. …With the exception of the beauty of nature and the beauty of souls and we caught more than a glimpse of Trump’s. The hearts of many people are going out to DJT 24/7.

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