A Day Without Immigrants Protest Not Going Far Enough

One of the main ingredients in today’s non stop propaganda buffet designed to demoralize everyone into submission to the Marxist agenda is this “A day without immigrants” protest. Perhaps the non stop 24/7 anti Trump protests are so common now that they fear people aren’t paying attention anymore so they decided to spice it up a bit. The idea behind this protest is to show everyone how shitty their lives would really be without the diversity. This is a fail on many levels but if they were true to the idea it would be a great thing!

First off there will be very few if any actual “immigrants” participating in this nation wide organized protest.

6666                                                   Who exactly is behind these protests is an elusive figure, yet to be identified. 

Jose the mo-jay who waded across the river to make cash helping his cousin lay rock at the construction site is not going to fail to show up today because the Jews told him to. Out of all of these so called immigrants the Meskins are the only ones who are actually doing anything. What are the Somalis going to do; refuse to draw welfare today? No, the actual Meskin meskins will not be taking part in this. Instead it will be America born (they love America as much as you Goyim, in fact probably more!) meskins of the La Raza stripe. Apparently they are going to get us all to see the error of our ways by not showing up to college classes that we are probably paying for studying things that will never contribute anything to society to instead protest in the streets. I’m not sure how this is supposed to wind up being a positive for them. You’d have to ask the Jews.

However I got to thinking about this day without immigrants protest idea and if it were a real thing I think it would be awesome. Now we’ve already covered how it’s not going to happen but let’s look at some of the positives if this thing did happen and were actually carried out to it’s literal fullest.

DWI’s and domestic abuse calls. Think about it; if we had a day without meskins, half the police force could probably take a vacation day since the DWI wrong way drivers and domestic abuse calls would drop considerably. In fact, if meskins stayed off the streets and refused to drive completely for a day I imagine it as being a driver’s utopia. These people, especially the women, can’t drive for shit and when they get drunk (which is often) the problem is compounded.

Terrorism. Wouldn’t it be great if the Moslems observed this day without immigrants and decided to not plot any jihad against us? I don’t know exactly how they would spend their days since planning jihad is pretty much their full time occupation but everyone needs a break now and then. Our lives would probably become so boring without having to worry about someone doing a terrorism that the people would rise up and demand that the Hajis start blowing things up for the added excitement.

6666The joke’s on you infidel! You’ll appreciate a good jihad once we’re gone!

Rape. Now granted, if we had a real day without immigrants rape wouldn’t completely go away since we still have the blacks. However actual rape gangs and sex trafficking would drop considerably. The blacks just want to muh dick and murder a bitch where the Moslems love to turn infidel whores into literal infidel whores. Our women would be completely lost without having a purpose in life. Namely the purpose of becoming some stink monkey’s sex slave.

Trash bags. Speaking of Moslems and women, imagine how shitty our country would be if the Moslem’s women decided to all stay inside and not go out on the street wearing their weird desert attire. There’s nothing that says “America” like baseball, apple pie and fat ninjas waddling around the streets speaking some strange desert language and smelling bad.

Trump American Muslims

This is an exact representation of the outfit that Betsy Ross made for the Moslems that founded America.

Welfare. If we’re going to see what a day in America without immigrants would be like, it’s only fair that they refuse to draw any welfare or social services today. This will show all of the ungrateful Goyim how very little these people siphon out of society compared to all of the vibrancy they actually bring in. Sure, hospital waiting rooms would no longer be filled beyond capacity with little urchins suffering from a case of the sniffles and the welfare budget would probably see a sudden unexpected surplus but that would present a whole new set of problems, such as what do we do with all of this money? The people might start thinking that we could have some sort of sustainable and affordable health care system or something and that would just wind up turning into a huge national debate over muh free market and socialism.

Somalis. I saved the best for last. I just can’t imagine what America would be like without Somalis. When Trump came out with his travel ban I was flabbergasted to find Somalia on the list. I mean like, WTF Trump? Somalis are the one group of immigrants who bring the absolute most to America. They bring so much and contribute so much to our societies, that I can’t even begin to find the words, any words, to describe exactly their many contributions. The state of Minnesota was so upset over Somalia being on the list that they joined the court case to block Trump’s banning of Somalis because at this point, Minnesota would completely collapse if they were forced to stop importing more Somalis. Since their Somali importation plan began, Minnesota went from being some forgotten frozen wasteland to what is now known as the cultural epicenter of the entire United States.

111The Somali scholar delivers a lecture on cutting edge nuclear physics. 

In the court case, Minnesota even pointed out that the entire University system was now in danger due to not being able to bring in Somali scholars. This is why the Jews are a light to the world. The stupid Goys go around complaining about having their countries flooded with these people without ever stopping to consider how shitty things would be here without them. America would have never made it through the first ten years of it’s existence it it weren’t for Middle Easterners and Africans. It’s a well known fact that Ben Franklin himself often wrote to his Somali colleague for advice on what to do when he found himself in a jam. This will be a great day. A day when people really stop complaining and are forced to acknowledge the many many net positives that all of these immigrants bring. For this we should all join together and thank the best immigrant of all: the immigrant who has contributed more to our nations than any other, the immigrant who has been both our moral compass and our voice of compassion. The Jew.

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