Grandpa Lampshade Watches About Ten Minutes of Establishment News per Day. It May be Time to Cut Back.

pepe-in-the-morning*sigh* Another day I’ve got to roll out of bed, get some coffee and get back to stopping these kikes.

It’s not that I don’t like mornings. It’s just that before I’ve had at least one cup of coffee, I’m just not at peak performance. Some claim I’m irritable but WTF do they know?! Right?! LOL Anyway, one of the things that is a part of my morning ritual is before I head off to work I catch about ten minutes of news; five minutes of local news and the five minute intro blurb from the network news. The local news I mostly watch to see the weather and the network news blurb tells me what today’s propaganda cycle will be from the Jew controlled media . After this morning, I’m thinking I may need to cut back. Let’s take a look at what my ten minutes of TV news consisted of this morning.

The local news. TBH the local news at night is a little more interesting as at least you have the daily crime wrap up that is composed almost entirely of surveillance camera footage of things such as “two men” (read niggers) pulling off masterful crimes such as robbing the Burger King at gun point. The main reason I watch the local news in the morning is to see the weather report. TBH they should just cut all of the other crap out, including the woman doing the traffic with what has to be the most annoying voice ever, and just run a loop of the weather report. Alas no, they feel for some reason that they have to fill in the news slot with other stuff. Today’s hot other local news topics included things such as: the American Girl doll company is introducing its new doll and it’s a boy doll! The anchor woman reassured listeners that the dolls weren’t a couple though (ha ha). Another hot news story was that Taco Bell is now offering to hold weddings in their Las Vegas location for a mere $600. Why the hell you would travel all the way to Las Vegas to get married at Taco Bell, I have no idea but there it is. Then it’s time for the annoying traffic woman whose segment seems to last forever and finally I get to see that it’s going to rain next week.

Network news. The network news now is nothing but anti-Trump all the time. Why their ratings are falling is a complete mystery. The same tactic that we discussed yesterday is employed at length: splashy announcements about how Trump and his entire administration is in trouble. A quick quote from John McCain (who everybody hates) and then on to the next little quick hit announcement about some massive protests because everyone in the entire nation hates Trump which totally explains how he got elected. Of course, you have to stay tuned for an hour to actually hear the part where they admit that their information is all from anonymous sources but that doesn’t matter as it’s not like the media would ever make anything up. They wrap it up on a light note by playing quick blurbs of late night comedians mocking Trump. BTW I may actually hate Stephen Colbert worse than I do John McCain. I dunno, it’s close.

I dunno fam. Grandpa Lampshade makes a lot of sacrifices to keep up to date on things and to do his best to bring you the truth in the face of all of these lies that we are drowning in. However, this ten minutes of news in the morning may just be a bit more than I can bear. Maybe I can start simply recording it and then I can just watch the damned weather report so I can see if I can go outside this weekend after recording Thoughts of the Day. Of course, I’ll have to fast forward past that story about a viral video that someone took of their cat.

7777                                 Today we have the cutest cat pic sent in to us from viewer “Grandpa Lampshade”….

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3 thoughts on “Grandpa Lampshade Watches About Ten Minutes of Establishment News per Day. It May be Time to Cut Back.”

  1. Yes! Limit mainstream for sure and even alternative sites to conserve processing the brain does continuously. Still, good to know clearly just what Trump is up against and now must surely realize.

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    1. I no longer call what the kosher networks put-out “news” as that word still implies some amount of legitimacy. IMO, it should be referred to as network narrative, i.e. the “local” narrative network and or the standard “kosher globalist” narrative networks.

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