Was That a Warning Shot I Just Heard?

The war between President Trump and the intelligence community is heating up and fast. If anyone had a doubt that these people have been operating completely independent of any oversight or supervision those doubts should now be gone. It is obvious to even the most casual observer now that these intelligence agencies have all gone rogue. These agencies are essentially trying to pull off a coup out in the open by discrediting and crippling the President. For his part, Trump isn’t backing down. 

Trump says he talked to the Department of Justice about the ‘criminal’ activity and declared during a news conference that his administration will be ‘looking into that very seriously.’

Did you hear that? “Criminal” as in guess what: your cute little anonymous leaks to the press could land you in federal prison.

‘The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! They will be caught!’

I’m sure the media will whine that stopping people from illegal leaks is a violation of the first amendment. Of course, the fact that they have spent the past year or so demanding that people who say things they don’t agree with on the internet be shut down might make their whining demands seem a bit hypocritical.


Trump continued to keep the focus on ‘illegal’ leaking at a last-minute press conference on Thursday afternoon.

The fact that the media insists on putting the word illegal in quotes is a tell that they are nervous about this. There is no question that these activities are illegal. BTW does anyone remember when CNN told us last year that it was illegal for us to read Wikileaks?


With Jeff Sessions at the helm of DOJ, Trump said he expects the leaking to end.

These unaccountable people are used to riding rough shod over whoever they want. I don’t think that plan is going to work on Jeff Sessions.

The New York Times also ran a report this week accusing Trump’s campaign of having contact with Russian officials before the election.

Yeah I’ve already covered that. If you read far enough in the article they basically admit it’s bullshit and of course everything is attributed to non verifiable anonymous sources.

Trump lashed out at reporters over and over again during his lunchtime news conference, saying specifically of the Washington Post, another outlet leakers are going to, and New York Times, ‘You’ve gotta stop it, that’s why it’s a criminal penalty.’

I personally would love to see both the leakers and the press rounded up and put in camps.

The Times and other outlets reported Wednesday that Trump’s campaign was in frequent communication with the Russians through the course of his campaign. U.S. intelligence has already said Russia was behind election hacking.

One of the advantages of getting a few years on you is that you remember the things these people all said and did in the past. The media spent years demonizing the CIA and other intel agencies. Now that they are being used to attack Trump, they don’t question anything these agencies say and in fact, insist that they can’t be questioned.

The New York Times reported that Trump will tap Stephen Feinberg, co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, to lead a broad review of intelligence agencies.

Oh FFS no Trump! WTF are you doing?! Why the hell would you call in a kike to handle a problem when it is virtually guaranteed that when you get to the bottom of it there is going to be a nest of Jews? Why?!


Feinberg is a ‘very talented man, very successful man and he’s offered his services, he said. ‘It’s something we may take advantage of. But I don’t think we’re need that at all because of the fact that you know, I think that we are gonna be able to straighten it out very easily on its own.’

Oh wait. So at first the media is like, “According to our anonymous sources Trump is going to call in a high level hook nose to look into this problem” but then Trump is like, “LOL wut? Nah fam I think we got this. We don’t really need to call in anymore kikes.” The media seems to be basically pulling everything they report now straight out of their ass. Have you also noticed that when they quote Trump such as above, they include every sort of pause and such to make him look stupid? If they had done this when Obama was in office, all of their stories would have read like: “President Obama was quoted as saying, ‘We ummm, have um uh red lines that uh, you know we can’t um allow people to just um you know dilly dally over and walk across and um…'”

Trump is to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thursday. Matt House, a spokesman for Democratic Senator Charles Schumer tweeted Wednesday: ‘This meeting would be a lot less suspicious if the AG followed DOJ guidelines and recused himself.’

What? Why the hell would the Attorney General recuse himself from an investigation into internal leaks? This doesn’t even make any sense. And why the hell is Chuck Schumer all in the middle of it?

333                                                                                                               Oh.

When you get tired of us Nazis pointing out the deeds of these kikes undermining your nations just remember this: they are like 2% of the population. Stop and ask yourself, “If these Jews aren’t really a problem, how come there’s so many of them that the Nazis are able to point to as being a problem?”

Congressional Democrats are calling on Sessions to remove himself from investigations related to Russia because of his close campaign ties to Trump.

So Sessions should recuse himself from investigating the leaks because Sessions also advised Trump during the campaign and therefor Russians. This doesn’t even make any sense. By this so called reasoning, the only people Trump should trust are complete strangers he pulls off the street or outright enemies who will proclaim themselves to be neutral parties. So following along these lines I would like to make it clear: I have never advised the Trump campaign in any sort of official capacity during the campaign. As a result, Grandpa Lampshade should be fully ok’ed to take over the media investigation. It’ll be fun. Why there’s no telling where it might lead.




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