But We Thought Everyone in the World Had a Right to Come Here

Borders are not a new thing. For some reason now the narrative is that borders are something that Donald Trump invented to hurt people’s feelings because it has somehow been long established that everyone in the world has  the fundamental human right to come to America and live on welfare forever. As things return to the norm, reality is crashing in on these people. 

County commissioners in immigrant-rich Miami-Dade voted Friday to uphold their Cuban-born mayor’s order to cooperate with federal immigration officials, drawing shouts of ‘shame on you’ from those hoping to make their community a sanctuary city.

I think the term “sanctuary city” is just a nice way of saying “foreign colony”.

Though it’s the only U.S. county where more than half the population is foreign-born, Florida’s Miami-Dade has bucked a trend among some cities that have sought to defy federal immigration crackdowns out of sympathy with their large migrant populations.

More than half the population is foreign born and shockingly, it’s a crime infested shit hole. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

The commissioners, voting 9-3, backed the order of Mayor Carlos Gimenez that was delivered after the administration of President Donald Trump threatened to withhold federal funding from the so-called sanctuary cities.

Yeah it turns out that if you want Federal money, you have to actually abide by Federal law. Who knew?

Sanctuary Cities MiamiEveryone knows that in a truly enlightened society, public policy is set by what children tell you. 

‘This is a country that opened arms to everyone, allowed opportunities to everyone. But this is also a country of law,’ county commissioner Rebeca Sosa, also of Cuban descent, said before the vote taken in a special public session.
‘I am so sad to see that people are afraid of something that has nothing to do with immigration. This was just a financial decision.’

If Miami Dade is already a crime infested shithole, you can just imagine what it would be like if they stopped receiving Federal money. Yet, it’s all about people’s feels because public services paid for by whites in other non foreign majority parts of the country just somehow magically appear.

In emotional public testimony, dozens spoke against the order, including school-age children of deportees, young people brought to the U.S. without legal permission as children, construction workers, lawyers and rights activists.

If these people love their kids so much, why don’t they ever take them back home with them when they get deported?

At one point, four school-age girls and a boy stepped up to the podium holding hands with Nora Sandigo, who has a foundation that helps and houses children whose parents have been deported.

The kids need to be deported too along with Nora Sandiago. These people haven’t figured out yet that we’re not playing a game here.

Nora Sandigo OteroLet’s use some kids as stage props to show how compassionate we are.

‘These kids are orphans because they took their parents away from them. I can’t stand this much pain,’ Sandigo said.

No they’re not orphans you dumb bitch. Orphan means their parents are dead. Their parents aren’t dead they just got deported and instead of taking their little nits with them, they left them behind so that they could continue to sponge off of our society.

Many of the people gathered at the meeting stood and shouted obscenities at the commissioners when they voted to uphold the mayor.

Well, I’m sure that demonstrated the soundness of their position.

Hatian-born Jean Monestime was among the three commissioners to vote against the motion.
‘Today cannot be about money. It must be about justice,’ Monestime said. ‘It must be about dignity it must be about the spirit of our community.’

Why aren’t you in Haiti though? You wouldn’t have to feel these feels if you were among your own people. Oh that’s right, because Haiti is a third world hell hole. Do you know why that is? It’s because it’s full of Haitians.

111With hard work and more immigrants, we could make Florida more like Haiti and who wouldn’t want that?

Gimenez defended his decision Friday and said the county’s police were not actively chasing people or asking for their immigration status – they were only agreeing to hold people flagged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
He said that most of the 34 people who have been requested by immigration authorities had previously committed crimes.

Oh sure, point out that these people also commit crimes. Nice try but do you know who else also arrested people who committed crimes? The Nazis, that’s who.

But Maria Bilbao, a 51-year-old Argentine who has lived in the U.S. for 16 years and is now obtaining residency, said the commissioners’ support of Gimenez’s decision is an anti-immigrant stance.
‘They are broadening ways in which immigration officials can deport families,’ she said. ‘How can they keep a clear conscience.’

These people all want to leave their home countries because they suck. The reason their countries suck isn’t because of what form of government they have or because of colonialism or whatever. It’s because that is the level of society that these people themselves are able to maintain. Thus, if you bring enough of these same people into an area, no matter where it is geographically located, that area will look exactly like the country they came from. This isn’t theory, this is observable fact. You would think that on some level they would at least acknowledge the fact that they came here because it’s better than where they were and make an effort to get along and ingratiate themselves among the host population. Instead they scream and demand that we give them more. They yell at us about how they have a right to come here. Well guess what: you don’t have a right to come here. You don’t have a right to live on welfare forever and demand that we all pay for it. You don’t have a right to speak your foreign language and force us to accommodate you. Not only are we done paying for you, we’re sick of listening to you. You are all going back. The only question is whether that’s a simple matter of being picked up and deported or whether you stop off at a labor camp first. Which way that goes depends on how much more demanding you become.

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