Meskins Form Human Wall in Protest of the Idea That They Don’t Have the Fundamental Human Right to Come to America and Live on Welfare Forever

These immigrant protests are getting more and more retarded. I’m not sure who told them that screaming at Americans and telling them that you have a fundamental right to come into their country was an effective tactic but I think they’ve been misled. More than likely by the Jews.

This probably isn’t the ‘wall’ Donald Trump had in mind. Hundreds of people in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez gathered on the edge of the Rio Grande river on Friday to form a ‘human wall’ to protest President Trump’s plans for a wall between the countries.

We hereby demand to be allowed to come into your country whenever we want to!

111                     Juarez: why would anyone want to leave this paradise and come to America? More importantly, it is obvious that only a racist Nazi would think it would be a good idea to have security measures in place between us and this teeming paradise of human achievement. 

The demonstrators held aloft colorful swatches of cloth and white flowers and waved to the residents of the neighboring city of El Paso, Texas on Friday.

Hmmm white flowers. I read in the article I just posted up that white flowers were also used in another protest on the other side of the country in Florida. This reeks of Jew color revolution tactics. You’ve been warned.

Organizers said a friendly, human wall meant to join the two cities was better than a wall of steel or concrete to divide them.

(((Organizers))). If this is true, then all walls around penitentiaries should be torn down. Wouldn’t it be better to be connected than to be divided?

111                                                                                          But why deze walls doe?

Chihuahua Governor Javier Corral issued the call for people to form a human wall.
‘In the face of the intention of Donald Trump to build a wall we cannot bow down, because bowing down will mean things will go worse for us…’ he said before the event, according to Mexico News Daily.

Look, all of these little beaners didn’t just go out on their own and buy matching white flowers and colorful cloths to wave around. This Meskin Governor didn’t dream this up one day and make this happen. If you are at all familiar with the Jew operated color revolutions used by the ZOG throughout the world this fits that pattern to a tee. Now all of that aside, tell us Mr. Corral why would it make things worse for you? I mean you and your people have a country already and it’s not like there’s not enough room there for everybody. So why would stopping them from flooding into America make things worse for you? Why don’t you simply make your country more like America? Oh that’s right, because America was built by white people and that’s why it doesn’t suck ass like Mexico.

111Why look: the people in the poor shit hole town of Juarez even went out on their own completely at random and made this colorful sign! It all just came together as though by magic I tell ya. 

Corral said he doesn’t believe most Americans want a wall and that it contradicts the ‘spirit of the founders of the United States.’

Yes we do and no, the Founders didn’t come from England to build a nation filled with Meskins. Retard.

The mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser, attended the protest. He himself was born in Chihuahua and immigrated to Texas when he was nine, according to his official bio.

Just as American as you or me! Why, he just loves America! He even rose to the level of the office of Mayor of El Paso. Yet, his loyalty remains with his racial kin across the border. One of the things I always am amazed at in stories such as this is how the author of the story is completely oblivious to the fact that they are actually making our point for us.

He said his life, in which he rose to become a successful car dealer businessman, is the very definition of the ‘American dream.’

No, it’s not. That was your dream. There is no “American dream” of having infinity Meskins pour into our country so that we can have the pleasure of supporting them while they work diligently to make our country look just like the one they just left. Look, I’ll be honest I deal with Meskins on a daily basis and for the most part, I get along with them pretty well. That is completely irrelevant to the fact that I don’t want to live in Mexico and if you import enough of them and also factor in the rate at which these people reproduce, that is exactly what we will have. I’m sorry but no way Jose, you have Mexico and I have America and I have no intention of letting you have both while I’m left with nothing.



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