Good Boy Made it to the NFL

We’re always hearing about how these good boys who never do nothing are turning their lives around and hoping to become professional ball players and rappers. You just know that if they could have caught that one big break, then they would for sure have their life back on track for good. 

Police say they have arrested former Detroit Lions star Stanley Wilson after he tried to force his way into an Oregon home naked for the third time in less than a year.


Officers visited a house in Woodburn on Saturday after being told someone was making alarming statements.
The homeowner told authorities that the former cornerback had been ‘acting erratically’ and tried to get into the house.
The person was in the garage when Wilson, 34, approached, and shut the garage door before calling police.
Wilson then allegedly tried to get in through the front and back doors but was unsuccessful.

I dunno. I’m thinking perhaps he got lost on his way to his grandmother’s house.

Arriving officers say he emerged from a backyard shed without any clothes on. He was taken to Marion County Jail on $30,000 bail.

I wonder if drugs were involved?

This is the third time in less than a year that Wilson has been arrested for trying to break into a house naked.


In June he was shot in the abdomen by an elderly homeowner when he attempted to burglarize a mansion in Portland.

But what’s with the naked part? I’m thinking that if it happened at night he knew that he would be harder to see.

The shooting was ruled justified in court and Wilson pleaded no contest to first-degree burglary and attempt to commit a felony earlier this month.

Lol wut? Earlier this month? Then why is he out schlong burglarizing again?

He was sentenced to ten days in jail, which he had already served, and three years probation.

This is how racist America really is: a black gets naked and gets shot burglarizing a home and is forced to serve 10 whole days in jail. Is this any way to make up for slavery?

111                                                                                       Iz gonna gets da money and put it in muh pocket….oh wait

Wilson is known to have had problems with narcotics in the past….

Say it isn’t so. Come to find out, it doesn’t even matter if they make it into the NFL or become successful rappers; the behavior stays the same. It would almost appear that the jail time and shitty neighborhoods might actually be related to who these people are and not what occupation they hold. Among the black population this is known as “Keeping it real”. Holding a job and not getting arrested for breaking into houses naked is known as “Acting white”. When white people say this, it’s known as “Racist Nazi.”


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4 thoughts on “Good Boy Made it to the NFL”

  1. Hey Gramps, I’m not sure how you could get this done, but you’ve gotta get some of these published on the Stormer. These are way too amusing and insightful not to be reaching a wider audience. And AA could link back here and give your site some exposure. Honestly, I think they’re funnier than Zeiger and Striker. Perhaps just longer is all. More along the lines of what Azz puts out. I really hope to see your stuff over there. You’re a talented Goy, you!

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      1. How aware is he of your blog? Dude’s got a lot on his plate. He may not know you’re writing now. You’d be a really great edition over there. Don’t make me start spamming the stormer comments section for you bro!

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