If You Were Wondering, No You’re Not Allowed to Question Your Demographic Replacement

Here in America, we’re being deluged with Jew organized and instigated outrage from these brown and black hordes while at the same time being told that it’s racism pure and simple to question the idea that these people are just as American as the rest of us. Obviously, Grandpa Lampshade has no problem pointing out how ludicrous all of this is but then again, I’m a Nazi so it is kind of expected. However what is eye opening for so many people is when normies think that they actually are allowed to question the narrative themselves.

A Florida elementary teacher at a predominately Latino school had her job reassigned after she made a Facebook post during school hours that supported mass deportation.

We’ll get to what she actually posted in a moment but just in case you’re wondering, no it wasn’t “Gas the Kikes, Race War Now”.

Veronica Fleming had her classroom taken away after she made a status that said she was ‘glad about massive deportation’ and there would be ‘less mouths to feed’ on Thursday.

White people stating a political opinion, in 2017 SMDH

The demographic of the school in Naples, Florida, is a majority of non-white pupils, with 70 per cent Latino and 20 per cent Haitian, causing outrage among parents.

Honestly, if she loses the job it would probably be the best thing that ever happened to her. However if there is one thing that will wake you up to the lie of diversity and equality, it is having to actually deal with these people; something shitlibs and Marxists avoid at all costs.

The principal was alerted to the status when parents began calling the school in complaint a few hours after it posted, NBC 2 reported.

Facebook: just don’t.


Let’s take a look at her horrible controversial post. Keep in mind this is in the context of all of these people protesting in favor of the idea that everyone in the world has the basic human right to come to America and live on welfare forever.


What in this statement isn’t true? Name one single part that isn’t a fact. The rest of us are working while these people are in the streets demanding that more of them be allowed to come here so we can work harder to support all of them because equality and human rights.

The situation was then turned over to the deputy superintendent and human resources, and they made the joint decision to reassign the teacher and have an investigation.

An investigation into what exactly? Was she saying that she spits in her nig nog and meskin student’s food? Was she advocating any sort of violence? It looks to me as though all she was doing was stating an observable fact along with her personal support for the President of the United States. Exactly what are they going to investigate her for? Hurt feelings? If by chance you are reading this Veronica: do not take any deals to step down and don’t apologize.  Force them to fire you!

111                                                                                   Judging from her profile pic on the post above, she’s married. All I’ll say is some guy out there did pretty well for himself.


Demonstrators across the country participated in the Day Without Immigrants boycott by not showing up work or class, in an effort to show how much they contribute to American society.

LOL yeah and nobody noticed. In fact, most people were just like Veronica: hey things seem pretty good without these hordes of diversity around. Maybe it’s time to start shipping them out.

Fleming is believed to have posted the status during school hours, teaching the very students who could be directly affected by deportation.

So are they admitting that these students are all here illegally? Why are we paying for the third world to come here and take up space in schools going through the motions of getting educated?

Principal Tamie Stewart said: ‘We greatly appreciate our parents who have communicated to the school to share concerns so that we can address this issue.
‘I want to ensure our families that this person’s individual post is not at all reflective of our school staff in any way.’

Uh uh. Sounds like Veronica is going to get a totally fair hearing. Let’s see what her principle looks like.


Oh FFS. How much longer to we have to actually pay attention to these people? Why are we being forced to treat these people seriously? These people don’t have any actual power except for the power we allow them to have by pretending that we have to go along with their retarded assed demands. I for one think it’s time to stop playing along. You’re not equal to us. We have been nice and went along with all of this because we honestly just haven’t felt you were worth the trouble of messing with. You have repaid our generosity by spitting in our faces and screaming at us making more and more demands. Well I’m done and the time is quickly approaching when more and more people are going to be done. Then guess what: you’re going to find out that maybe, just maybe you should have shut the hell up and appreciated how nice we’ve been to you.


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2 thoughts on “If You Were Wondering, No You’re Not Allowed to Question Your Demographic Replacement”

  1. People where I am are done already. As in WAY over-done. I’m in Trump Land. Most of us – not all (idiot White Christ-tard women, who have NEVER lived around Diversity, EVER)- but most are way Beyond the Valley of the Done. I want every last Orc shipped out. Screw “legal immigrant/born here”. Orcs OUT! All of’ em.

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