At What Point Do We Just Stop Bothering Trying To Figure Out WTF it is That Women Claim They Want?

To answer the question posed in the title right off the bat: I personally gave up on caring about that quite some time ago. Still, most men out there feel as though if they can just figure what it is that women want, then they will finally stop complaining and let them have some peace and quiet. Well let me tell you what it is they want: they want you to stop oppressing them and hurting their feelings. Do you know what is really oppressive and hurtful? Suggesting that men should take care of them and that *gasp* suggesting that it  might be nice if women showed some appreciation for it. 

Women are planning this weekend to protest a North Carolina billboard with a message they say is a slam on gender equality, according to media reports.

You could be raising a family and securing the existence of some sort of future for civilization or you could be out protesting a sign.

Billboard ProtestSuggesting that women should appreciate men doing stuff for them. In 2017. SMDH They should delete their billboard. 

Winston-Salem boutique owner Molly Grace said that she sees the sign’s message as an attempt to silence women who want to be seen as equals to men.

You have got to check out the picture of this woman from the article. Please note: this is her actual photo. The only editing are the meme words from yours truly.











The memes; some days they just write themselves.

‘It’s absolutely, absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small careers or big careers,’ Grace said.

I would be willing to bet shekels that this bitch is a single mom.

Via social media, Grace is organizing a peaceful protest at the billboard at 11am on Sunday to speak out against its message.

Organizing a protest against a sign. Sounds like a great use of your time.

111This sign. I can’t even. 

‘We are NOT protesting that the sign is capable of existing, or the people who put it up, or the ad agency, or the right to put it up. We are protesting patriarchy and sexism, and that this antiquated way of thinking about women exists at all,’ a post on the group’s Facebook page said.

Patriarchy and sexism. Ok I’ll tell you what; I’ll take you seriously when you begin protesting and demanding that courts quit ass raping men in divorce cases by saddling them with all the bills and paying women alimony. After all, you have careers now and you don’t need men to provide for you because sexism and the patriarchy.

Guys, listen to the words of wisdom from Grandpa Lampshade: give up on trying to appease crazy bitches. Stay away from crazy bitches. If you meet some woman and she has eyes like the woman in this article, stay away…….far away. Just like how it’s time to stop pretending that Islam is a religion of peace, Jews are our friends and blacks are our intellectual equals, it’s time to stop acting as though women such as this should be taken seriously.


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3 thoughts on “At What Point Do We Just Stop Bothering Trying To Figure Out WTF it is That Women Claim They Want?”

  1. One day, my friend, our women will look back on this sign and not understand what all the problem was about – they will appreciate what their men do for them.
    And the unspoken irony these current-year women forget is that future men will appreciate their women more than current-year men.

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    1. HA! Or when the toilet is stopped up, or there’s a wasp nest in the attic, or when the house needs a new roof. No, they want these high powered desk jobs. Or better yet, just to be given money for bossing people around. It’s really worse than the groids in some ways. They just want money for sitting there being brown.

      Feminism is utter gibberish.

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