Seemingly Minor Incidents

As tensions continue to grow along racial lines in the country formally known as America, this whole thing can wind up being kicked off into high gear by what might seem if viewed by itself as a minor incident. A group of “teens”, in this case Meskins, got into an altercation with an off duty cop (read white guy) and things escalated into riots. Of course, the media is as usual pretending not to notice any of the racial aspect of this story but it is obvious even to the most casual observer that this is exactly what this is about.

Crowds of people gathered on Wednesday night to protest against an off-duty cop who was caught on camera pulling and firing his gun as he scuffled with a 13-year-old outside his home in Anaheim, California.
The protests were sparked after a video that was filmed on Tuesday afternoon emerged showing the confrontation between the off-duty LAPD cop and a large gang of teens who he had apparently accused of walking on his lawn.

Respect for private property: it’s a white thing.

The confrontation ends with the officer pulling his gun out and firing a shot that did not hit anyone as the teens flee.
Before that, the officer was filmed struggling with one teen who he accused of threatening to shoot him, then scuffling with the entire group of teens outside his home.

111                                                                                         They’re good kids ese didn’t even do nothin’. 

The unnamed officer was trying to cuff and arrest the apparently unarmed teens when it escalated into a fight. When more officers arrived, the gang of teens were detained by cops and two were arrested.

Life is not TV. Let me tell you something, armed or not if you find yourself surrounded by a large group of hostile people your life is in danger.

At the heart of the fight are two claims: the officer says the teens threatened to shoot him, but the teen said he threatened to ‘sue’ him. The teens accuse the officer of calling a girl who was walking on his lawn a ‘c***’.
After a few minutes in the video, the man was pushed over by two other teens in the group, and shortly after he pulled a gun from his waistband with one hand while still holding onto the 13-year-old.

Sounds to me as though the innocent children played a bit of a role in this situation. Yet from the tone of the article, it is clear that it is being portrayed as though this guy was going around tossing infants out of their strollers.

After a few minutes in the video, the man was pushed over by two other teens in the group, and shortly after he pulled a gun from his waistband with one hand while still holding onto the 13-year-old.

My main critique of this guys handling of the situation is his insistence on holding on to the one suspect. When you are surrounded by a group of people threatening you, you need both hands free and you need to keep distance between yourself and them.

I’m sure the protests were very peaceful.


Protesters on Wednesday night were seen in videos posted on social media shouting, ‘whose streets, our streets,’ ‘don’t shoot our kids,’ ‘shame on you,’ and ‘no justice, no peace, f*** the police.’

Hmmm so they’re your streets eh? So in other words you invaded and conquered it and now they’re yours. This is the sad reality people: they’re not wrong. The nation is the people and now that California is full of meskins, it now belongs to them because we let them take it from us because opposing that would have meant being called names like “racist”  by the Jews and there can’t be anything more frightening than that.

What initially began as peaceful protests eventually gave way to violence, as protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers.

Whenever some minority group or leftists riot the media always stresses that they weren’t all doing it or that it started out peaceful but just got out of hand. When any white nationalists get together, it’s usually described as something just short of another Holocaust even though the attendees go to great lengths to be non violent.

One picture was posted on social media showing the words, ‘f*** pigs,’ spray-painted across a garage door it was claimed belonged to the officer.

111They sound like a totally peaceful bunch. 

However, the house is not that of the cop in question.

Not even the cop’s house. Probably just some other random white person still trying to hold out in the Mexican colony of California.

Late on Wednesday night, the boy’s father, Johnny Dorscht, spoke out about the incident.

WTF? That’s not a meskin name. This must be a case of “Don’t speak to me or my senorita’s son ever again”

‘You could talk to anybody, my son has very good manners. He does good in school and isn’t disrespectful or anything like that.
‘We’re going to find legal representation and be suing. This is B.S. Even the cops, when they got there, they had all the kids down. They didn’t even go after the guy.’

Yeah well I have other news for you: your son’s a meskin trespasser.

He also identified his son, the 13-year-old boy in the video who was restrained and almost shot by the off-duty LAPD cop, as Christian Dorscht.


Christian’s mom, Alma Jimenez, also stepped forward on Wednesday night – having earlier refused to identify herself or her son.

That’s some expensive taco that guy’s paying for. Now he’s hoping to get a check from the city and finally make this little excursion south of the border mistake he made pay off.

‘My son is alive today, but if he would have not fought for his life along with those other children, he would be in a morgue right now.
‘You almost killed my child. Stop shooting our kids. This is my son. He is 13 years old. He was not armed.

Or maybe you should teach your son some lessons such as: don’t attack other people in a gang, respect other people’s property and you’re not my actual son.

Right now these riots taking place are mainly targeting the police. However it is only a matter of time (probably a very short time) before they start attacking white people for no other reason than the fact that they’re white. If you remember during one of the black riots last year, they were calling for marching to the white neighborhoods. You can bet they weren’t planning to march there to sell Girl Scout cookies. This is what diversity looks like. This is what multiculturalism is. It’s not going to get better if we listen to the Jews and double down on more. As these people’s numbers grow they will get bolder and bolder until they decide to drop what is left of the niceties and wipe us out.



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