Grandpa Lampshade Takes Christian Cucks to Task

One of the difficult things I deal with in my work as well as being a Christian believer myself, is this disgusting thing that masquerades as Christianity today.


People look upon Christians today as a bunch of beat down cucks and faggots and honestly, who can blame them? What you see parading around as Christianity today pretty much fits that description. The church has become feminized and masculinity has all but been completely eradicated. The results are predictable.

More than 150 million orphans are living vulnerably in the world today, and while it’s an overwhelming number, some children are finding their ‘forever home’ with families like those at Houston’s First who feel the call to adopt.

Don’t get me wrong, I think adoption is a great thing. When you have couples who for whatever reason are unable to conceive a child of their own, the next best thing they can do is to take a child without any parents and raise them and give them a home. However I have a newsflash for these people: there is such a thing as white kids in America who need a home.

By their second date, Megan Creamer and Jonathan Hala established a litmus test for continuing the relationship. They laid their cards on the table and discovered each had a commitment to adoption someday.

If you go out with a girl and right off the bat she tells you that she doesn’t ever want to carry your child, it’s time to move on.

“God called me to adopt when I was just a teenager,” said Megan. “Jonathan was in college when adoption became his priority. We had to decide that adoption was in our future together — or we couldn’t continue dating.”

No. God did not call you to throw away centuries worth of genetics. How would this make any sense? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that God doesn’t sometimes call certain people to do certain things. However you need to be really sure that’s what’s happening. After all, God isn’t the only one who might be whispering in your ear. Grandpa Lampshade has a calling to speak the truth in the face of the lies of this world as promoted by these kikes. This lines up with scripture and puts me in conflict with this world (always a good indicator that you’re on the right path). Why the hell would God call on you to piss away your genetic lineage? Why would God call on you to turn away from having your genetics continue in this world and instead, choose to destroy your genetic line? I have a hint for you: there is a certain someone who is known as the destroyer. This should give you a hint that you’re on the wrong path.

The Halas joined Houston’s First in 2009 and soon learned about Legacy685 Adoption, Foster & Orphan Care Ministry, a support community for those who have a heart for fostering and adoption. They were drawn to give to the Adoption Assistance Fund after forfeiting the right to their own ‘someday’ adoption savings account in favor of funding those who were already trying to adopt.

Have to wait for the time to be right, I guess.

“We weren’t planning on adopting anytime soon, so when Jonathan got a Christmas bonus, we decided to give it to the adoption fund,” said Megan. “We knew that keeping it for ourselves wasn’t what God wanted us to do.”

God would have rather you took that money and contributed it to sponsoring Grandpa Lampshade. At least he’s trying to stop these kikes.


In 2013, the couple started the adoption process and chose the Gladney Center in Fort Worth. By the end of the year, they were approved, but waited seven months before their daughter, Evangeline Ruth, was born.

Oh wait. I thought this was all about God calling them to help poor little orphans? This is obviously not the case since they had to wait for the baby to be born. Since they weren’t going around looking for prospective kids to adopt at the orphanage then they must have had some other reason to adopt the child they did. They had to have shopped around for a certain kind of child that they wanted.

111Congratulations, I guess.

“While we waited, all the Legacy685 people came alongside us and helped us every step of the way,” said Megan. “Our Life Bible Study organized a garage sale to help us, too.”

Apparently, adopting nigglets is expensive.

The couple began the process a second time after their adoption was finalized in February 2015. They are still waiting, but the Assistance Fund came through again for the couple — and they are so grateful.

Just like going pet shopping….only more expensive.

“We couldn’t have paid for the adoption without help from the Assistance Fund,” said Megan. “Being part of Legacy685 and receiving the grants have completely changed our lives.”

Oh it changed your lives alright. Now your husband gets to go through the rest of his life being looked upon as a literal cuck. Congratulations. People like this aren’t adopting blacks because God told them to. They adopt blacks for the same reason that Hollywood stars do: for the high they get from the signaling points. Their little nigglets will grow up to despise them for at some point, even their pets will come to realize that their only role in their “parent’s” life is that of some sort of societal fashion accessory. This isn’t love. This isn’t compassion and it isn’t God’s calling. This is people seeking the approval and applause of this world which if you are a Christian you should know is ruled by the devil. You are no more doing God’s will than an abortion clinic doctor. It is no different than if you became a time traveling serial killer and went into the future and murdered every one in your line who ever came after you: your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren and so on.  I suggest you take your cuck colored glasses off and start praying for some real guidance. You can start by regularly attending classes here and the Semitic Truth Center. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find God’s calling to stop cucking and start working to stop these kikes. Jesus would approve.

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3 thoughts on “Grandpa Lampshade Takes Christian Cucks to Task”

  1. My aunt & uncle never could conceive their own children. Now in their 60’s, for the past decade they have served as foster parents. The state always dumps multiples on them that typically involve neglect and physical abuse. Almost all cases involve ‘parents’ that are drug addicts (Fuck U libertarians, you can’t see beyond your juvenile obsession with weed smoking). Over the years all but one set of kids were white. But these kids don’t come from safe little middle class homes in the suburbs, they are by their lot in life bad-whites, and the churchians can’t have that. They need the attention juice which means the adoption must be exotic for maximum virtue signaling. It’s truly disgusting. My relatives took in 3 children that they are now adopting as their own. Unlike all the other scenarios in the past these children were not taken by the state. The whore mother dumped them on the state claiming she needed a fresh start. The churchians can’t wrap their arms around that one either because we all know women are incapable of sin in the modern church.

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  2. Man, that picture says it all doesn’t it. Did you ever see such a gormless fool? Not even Negroes will adopt other Negroe’s unwanted offspring. If the niglet’s own mother doesn’t think it is worth keeping, then what possible value do this White couple see in it other than virtue signalling? He must know deep down that by doing this, he is depriving the orphans of his own race the chance of a family.

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