Swamp News: Pissgate Source Was All Set to Go on the FBI’s Payroll

You remember the retarded story of how Trump was filmed in a Moscow hotel getting pissed on by Russian hookers? Yeah, it was that ridiculous story that came out not long after the other ridiculous story about the Russians hacking the election and making the unlikable Hillary Clinton lose. Well, it turns out the guy who came up with it was getting all ready to draw a government check. 

The FBI reached a deal just weeks before the election to pay ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who had compiled a dossier of information purporting to reveal compromising information the Russians had on Donald Trump.

So what the hell do I have to do to get in line to get paid for making shit up? Seriously, I do my best to report the truth here at the Semitic Truth Center and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t pay real well.

The agreement, which ultimately fell apart, would be for Steele to continue his work, sources told the Washington Post and confirmed to NBC.

“Wow Chris, this is some impressive work you did in making shit up. I think we could use a man like you around here”….the FBI.

111TFW people will pay you for just making stuff up. 

The bureau made the arrangement at a time when a ‘dirty dossier’ of information Steele had compiled – including now-discredited salacious details – was in its possession.

Don’t worry though. The Jew owned media assures us that these agencies are 100% non political. Except for when they mentioned Hillary’s emails.

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain gave a copy of the dossier to FBI James Comey last year to ask him if it was true.

Thanks for the daily reminder that I hate John McCain.

The Democratic research firm who had been paying Steele was due to stop payment as the election approached, the Post reported.

We can’t pay you anymore but don’t worry, we’re going to get the FBI to pick up your bill. It’ll actually wind up coming out being a raise for you.

The FBI’s willingness to pay Steele could indicate it wanted him to pursue his inquiries.

Ya don’t say.

The dossier stated that the Russians had been trying to cultivate Trump for five years, and cited a former top Russian intelligence officer who claimed Russia’s security services had compromising information on Trump they could use to blackmail him.
It also contains salacious claims about Trump involving prostitutes that have been discredited.

Pfft. Russian prostitutes. More like Russian waifus amiright?


The FBI and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are conducting their own investigations into Russian election hacking, and whether any Trump associates had contacts with the Russians.

I’m sure it will be 100% fair and non political.

Steele has gone into hiding since he was revealed to be the author of the dossier.

He’s probably been disappeared. It’s what’s known in certain circles as tying up loose ends.

Whether you choose to refer to it as the deep state or just operatives of the Jews, the bottom line is that those who created the swamp and those who thrive in the swamp are going to resist the draining. It’s their playground and their money tree. Draining it will be no easy matter. They realized at the time that the Russian hookers in the hotel pissing on him story was a little over the top even for them so they chose to real that one back in but make no mistake, this is not going to be an easy task.



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