It’s Time for Trump to Set an Example

When Trump let General Flynn go, many of us pointed out that this would smell like blood in the water to the left. I felt at the time that Flynn was fired more for the fact that he lied to the Trump team than because of anything he actually did. Well, sure enough now the left is in full on “gotcha” mode and is going after Jeff Sessions. I think this move coming when it has is in direct response to Trump’s speech which has been heralded even by many of his enemies as a great Presidential speech. The shrieking dregs of society that now make up the Democratic party can’t have that so they’ve played what they think is a big card to bring down a major Trump player.

6666          Whenever I think that Trump may be getting outmaneuvered, I just stop and remember how many times he has beaten the left at this game. 

It may be possible that the whole Flynn firing was a deliberate move to get the Democrats to overplay their hand. I don’t know but that I would say that is definitely not out of the realm of possibility. One thing that I think we need to make clear: Jeff Sessions is not someone we are willing to compromise on. When Trump fired Flynn I was like, “Meh whatever”. Some of the General’s rhetoric had a neocon ring to it so I really wasn’t that rustled over it. However, Jeff Sessions is someone I believe we shouldn’t be willing to see be thrown under the bus. Sessions is as close to being one of our people as anyone inside the Administration. We will not stand by idly if he is allowed to be taken out. Their plan at this point seems to be endless unfounded accusations in the form of leaks from anonymous sources, non stop media hit pieces and endless cries for investigations. This would be a good time for Trump to draw a line in the sand and send a message to these people and the clearest way to do that is to pick someone out who is attacking him and to make an example of them. I hereby nominate one of the two butt bros: McCain or Graham. My hatred for these two guys is just about equal so I’m good with either one. Graham is a total faggot so if you picked McCain, then Graham would probably STFU and go away, as I think McCain is the “top” in that relationship. So given a choice, I’d vote McCain off the island.


Trump has got to have a dossier of dirt on all of these people. They are just used to the game being played where certain areas are considered off limits and it’s generally understood that certain things won’t be brought up since under normal circumstances, everyone involved is just as compromised. I think it’s time for Trump to drop a nuke on one of these rats and McCain is a perfect choice. Since he’s technically not a Democrat, it couldn’t be considered a partisan attack. Trump doesn’t even have to do it directly. These bastards have lived by the leak, let them die by the leak (metaphorically speaking, of course). As many of you know, I really like watching historical Korean dramas right now. One of the things I find interesting about these shows is that even back during a time when the king had pretty much absolute power, he still had to deal with rats with their own agenda undermining what he was trying to accomplish. The king would often times give these guys just enough rope to snare themselves in and then close the trap when the time was right.

royal-gambler-kingI don’t know what Trump is actually going to do but I can tell you that right about now King Suk Jong would be making an example of someone.

111Usually it looked something like this. 

111This faggot wouldn’t last five minutes in the chair. 

Whether this is all a set up by Trump to snap the leash on these people or not, now is the time for Trump to make a stand. He needs to send a clear message to these people that he’s not playing a game and he’s not going to spend the next four years dealing with these treasonous attacks. Trump is trying to do the job that millions of Americans voted him into office to do. If he doesn’t make a stand here, this stuff will never end and he will be spending all of his time dealing with nothing but these attacks. This is the left’s plan. Now it will be interesting to see how Trump counters it. My advice would be to go so big that the rest of them scurry away in fear. If he has pedo pics of one of these guys, it’s time for them to be leaked out. At some point in a war, it’s time to bring out the heavy armor. I believe the time for Trump to do that is now.




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4 thoughts on “It’s Time for Trump to Set an Example”

  1. Hey Gramps, you should toss out your thoughts on a coup and what that would have to entail. It may be basically impossible. Probably is. I’m at the point where I think that’s going to be his only option to getting these scum off of his back and actually helping what’s left of real America. It would by far be the most effective way to run the government. What a mess.

    Obviously, your idea above is more feasible if he’s able to gather sufficient dirt on them all. But like you mention, it’s likely to implicate most of these people, including some of his own team. Maybe he’s biding his time while he collects enough evidence. Hopefully getting ready to drop the tactical nuke on all of em.

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