Is There Anyone Still Left Out There Who is Still Under the Delusion That At Some Point, the Marxists Will Stop?

Silly silly Goys, you actually think that at some point there will be an end to the demands that you submit to the insanity? You obviously don’t understand how this works.

A nine-year-old New Jersey boy has been awarded $18,000 and issued a formal apology after being kicked out of the Cub Scouts last year because he is transgender.

For the sake of normal people who have a hard time working through this Marxist insanity, let me help you out. This lunatic child abusing and I assume single mom has decided that her little girl should be a boy because that’s all the rage these days so she enrolled her little girl, who she forces to dress as a boy in the Cub Scouts. The child in question here is a girl. I know this can get confusing because the media insists on not calling them by the gender that they factually are.

Joe Maldonado joined Pack 87 in Secaucus in October of 2016, hoping for adventures in camping and science projects. But he was asked to leave about a month later – because of complaints by parents, his mom says.

These parents wanted their boys to enjoy doing things that little boys enjoy doing by learning about the outdoors and comradery but that can’t be allowed. You are not allowed to have any aspect of your life be normal. You must always submit to the demands of the cultural Marxist. Honestly, I think it would be easier to just say screw it and go full fash but hey, that’s just me.

111Way back in sane times, little girls who liked playing with trucks and climbing trees were called “Tomboys”. In our current jewed out society, we say they actually are boys and demand that everyone else go along with it.

He was allowed back into Scouting earlier this year when the Boy Scouts issued a statement that they would begin allowing transgender children.

If you have a kid in the Scouts, pull them out now. It’s converged and it’s time to move on.

His mother said in a statement: ‘Joe is happy that they admitted they were wrong,’ reported

Here’s a question for the reader: when did this little girl’s name become Joe? Did her mother have her name changed to that or was she named Joe from birth? We are always told that these supposed trans little kids are the ones who have decided that their gender is different from reality when the most logical answer is that it is their insane mothers who are the ones who made that decision.

111 This woman appears to be totally sane. In fact, we should definitely listen to her and agree that her little girl is actually a little boy. 

According to director of communications Effie Delimarkos, the organization is ‘happy to welcome Joe and the Maldonado family back into the scouting community.
Along with the money and apology, the Northern New Jersey Council aggreed to revise their policies and procedures related to admitting transgender children.

Understand this: once one of these organizations becomes this converged, you’re not going to go in there and take it back. It is better to withdraw any and all support and refuse to support it in any way shape or fashion and let it die. And it will die. Let’s see how long the the Scouts lasts when it is dependent on support from nothing but the SJW community.

‘I’m way more angry than sad,’ Joe told to The Record after he was originally kicked out. ‘My identity is a boy. If I was them, I would let every person in the world go in. It’s right to do.’

Read that statement and try to tell me that this is something that a 9 year old would say. As Fuhrer I would get this little girl the help that she needs in understanding that there’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy and that when she grows out of that phase there will be nothing wrong with her being a girl. As for her lunatic mother, she will be sending her little girl knitted mittens that she made in her free time in a labor camp.




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One thought on “Is There Anyone Still Left Out There Who is Still Under the Delusion That At Some Point, the Marxists Will Stop?”

  1. Also, it’s pretty obvious that the thinned hair and all the dark facial blotches that can’t be hidden underneath all that make up, proves that “mommy” is a filthy drug addict.


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