The TSA: ZOG in Action

If you don’t live in America you may not be all that familiar with our retarded security set up at our airports. After 911, instead of taking the logical step of mass deportations of all Hajis and a real investigation into who facilitated the terrorist attack, our government did what it did best: create yet another affirmative action job program for blacks.

United States TSA officials have created a new, more invasive process for physical pat-downs in airport security.

111                           Dis cracka bitch probably done gots a bomb in between deze titties. 

Back in the 90’s, I flew commercial quite a few times. It was a cost effective way to take a long trip when you were short on time. I haven’t flown commercial ever since 911. In this country, we are supposed to have the constitutional right to not be searched without probable cause and yet, that was thrown out the window because probable cause would mean that if you were a desert stink monkey, you would be the one getting searched and we can’t have that because that would be racist. I remember right after these stupid procedures were put in place, I read an article where the former head of Jew Israel’s airport security was asked about what he thought about it and he basically stated that it was the dumbest thing he’d ever seen. His take was that in Israel, they know that any terrorists are going to be hajis so that’s who they watch and even then, they don’t search each and every one coming through because they have *gasp* profiling procedures. In America we can’t have that because there is a difference between being a chosen and being a goyim cattle.

The new process will be more streamlined, in that officials have for a long time had the options of using five different types of physical pat-down in the screening lines.

I was picking someone up at the airport last summer and when I looked over at the TSA lines, virtually all of the employees were either surly looking niggers, women or hajis. The honest truth is, the TSA employees have a higher chance of being terrorists than the majority of passengers being screened.

111I be searchin yo little white terrorist lookin ass. 

Those selected to have a pat-down will go through a ‘comprehensive physical screening,’ which will include more rigorous searches that, according to a notice at Denver International Airport, ‘will be more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before’.

If you’ve never witnessed it, it’s quite the site to behold. 98 year old ladies with colostomy bags are being detained because they’re white and smell like piss while 20 year old Moslem men carrying their backpack sail right through. Usually the old lady is being rigorously searched by some angry groid who is so pleased to have power over a white person and the few white people who do work there are scared to death to stop the Moslem because that would be racist. It’s a complete shit show.

111                I be keepin America safe. Now spread ’em you old cracka bitch. 

Speaking to Bloomberg, TSA spokesman Bruce Anderson said: ‘I would say people who in the past would have gotten a pat-down that wasn’t involved will notice that the new pat-down is more involved’.

Will these “more involved” (in other words, more invasive) searches involve singling out people who fit the racial profile of being a terrorist? I ask because speaking strictly from a practical standpoint, spending your time searching old white ladies seems like a stupid waste of time and effort if your goal is really to thwart a terrorist attack.

This will represent a shift from the previous risk-based assessment on which pat-down procedure an officer should apply.

LOL wut? The previous system was risk based? So what does that mean? I guess now under these new procedures, all white people will be searched.

The TSA screens about 2million people daily in the United States, but doesn’t track how many passengers receive pat-downs after passing through an imaging scanner.

2 million people a day for well over a decade now. Do you know how many terrorists the TSA has stopped? Zero. That’s right, the TSA and their army of affirmative action blacks, women and hajis has never stopped a single terrorist from getting on a plane. However, former head of Homeland Security Micheal Chertoff who had a stake in the company whose body scanner machines were purchased for this charade came out pretty well. Don’t worry though, that was pure coincidence.

111                                                                                                              Wait, what? Why would you suspect I might be jewing you?!

Many passengers may find the new pat-down more intrusive, but it is not expected to increase overall security delays.

There is a definite psychological aspect to being treated like livestock. This is a part of the conditioning process to keep people passive and submissive. You are going to be literally herded through chutes like cattle, patted and prodded by your racial inferiors but don’t worry about that, all that matters is whether or not there will be any additional delays.

Anderson did tell Bloomberg that it will cause delays for the individual receiving the pat-down.

LOL There won’t be any additional delays unless you’re the unlucky one to get picked by some lesbian who had a fight with her lover that morning and is looking for some heterosexual white male to take it out on. In which case, yeah you’re going to miss your flight. Sorry, no refund Goyim, it’s your responsibility to get to the airport 8 hours early.

The change is primarily due to an audit by the Department of Homeland Security that drew headlines because airports were failing to detect handguns and other weapons.

Affirmative action employees being incompetent at their job; who could have predicted it?

111You be lookin like a terrorist to me bitch. 

The study showed that TSA failed 95 per cent of airport security tests by allowing undercover agents to successfully and repeatedly bring mock explosives and banned weapons through security checkpoints.

They’re even advertising here that the TSA is completely incompetent and still: no terrorist attacks. Can someone tell me again why this agency even exists? Oh yeah, that’s right because someone gots to feed deze kidz.

The new policy will also apply to airline pilots and flight attendants, who had previously received less scrutiny during screening.

Yeah they received less scrutiny because they already have to pass an extensive background check. So we have a government agency who has been unsurprisingly exposed as being utterly incompetent at their job and their answer is to double down on their incompetence.

It is one of my long time goals to eventually get my private pilot’s license and buy a little single engine plane so that I can fly around the country and go to various Nazi meets.

111I’m thinking something like this would be absolutely bitching. 

Whether I ever actually realize this goal or not I don’t know but I do know this: I refuse to take part in this security theater and support a government and an industry that insists that you give them a ton of money for the privilege of surrendering your rights and to be treated like cattle. When people protested these new measures back when they first stared all of this, their reaction was to tell us that flying was a privilege and if you didn’t like it you could refuse to fly, thus you weren’t being forced to do anything. This was of course a bluff. If everyone had refused to fly the entire airline industry would have collapsed over night but their bluff payed off. Jew Chertoff got rich on the scanner machines, previously unemployable blacks and hajis got a job and the stupid cattle just did as they were told and shuffled down the chutes they were directed to go into. I honestly don’t get it but then again, I refuse to have a livestock mindset.




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6 thoughts on “The TSA: ZOG in Action”

  1. That Chertoff dude has always struck me as the physical manifestation of satan. Just lookit him. Straight demon. And think, that’s his official picture. Probably his best one.

    Can you imagine getting him, Schumer, and Krauthammer together, all rubbing their hands together with a fiery, flickering background. “Looks huwhite to me!” Please.

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  2. You know that TSA is a joke when they offer “TSA Pre✓®”……streamlined security screening for ONLY $85!!!

    LMAO! Could you imagine a valid Law Enforcement Agency offering something like this???

    How about that? (((they))) get their sheboons to step up more invasive screening, and the sheeple will be begging to give the jooooz back (((their))) printed paper!!!

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    1. Ha, that’s a good point man. “Look, you filthy goy, here is your chance to avoid these gropings. Just gives us even more shekels to fly and we’ll let you skip it. We won’t even call you racist for not wanting to be man handled by sheboons.” *hand rubbing intensifies*

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