GPL Update

anime-girl-hitler-hug-pillowPlease note: pic has nothing to do with topic at hand. I just think it’s funny. 

As usual, blog content has been non existent today, as I’ve been working on getting this week’s Thoughts of the Day show all ready to go. The good news is the show is good to go for Tuesday. We finally got the new Listener Topic segment in. I’ll be joined by Nordic Stormer to discuss IRL meetups and some of the things that entails. Right now I’m looking at this segment being about a once a month feature but I may move that up to twice a month. I honestly think this new segment, after I get all the bugs worked out, is going to quickly become one of the most popular parts of the show. So hey, Monday may suck but at least you can look forward to Tuesday and spending it with Grandpa Lampshade.


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