When At the Liquor Store….

……..don’t relax!


A mother-of-three liquor store owner was bludgeoned to death with a wine bottle at her store on Thursday, during a robbery carried out by a parolee.

Can you take three guesses as to what the parolee looks like?

Police were called to Char’s South Ave Wine and Liquor around 5pm and found owner Charlotte Lahr suffering from severe trauma to the upper body.
Police and firefighters tried to revive the mother-of-three at the scene but she died.

Obviously a well thought out crime devised by a criminal mastermind.

Parolee Kevin Quander, 59, was arrested the next day for her murder and for robbing the store.

111                                                                                      Iz be gettin me da Thunderbird and da money.

Police say he had just gotten out of jail after serving a nine-year prison sentence for robbery.

Wow, so this crime came right out of the blue. Nobody could have possible seen it coming.

He was released on parole on January 12, 2017, and had been living at a community residence on the grounds of the Rochester Psychiatric Center – just a half-mile from the liquor store.

Within easy walking distance to his next victim.

According to arrest documents, Quander was armed with a knife when he robbed Lahr’s store Thursday evening.
But he used a wine bottle to repeatedly hit her in the head and face before fleeing.

I wonder if she wasn’t white if he still would have bludgeoned her to death with a bottle?

Police say the crime was caught on surveillance footage and they recovered Quander’s fingerprints at the scene.

Sheeeit mane dem ain’t even my fingerprints.

At his arraignment on Saturday, Quander pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and first-degree robbery. He was ordered held without bail.

This is what is commonly referred to as closing the barn door after the horses got out. Though in this case, the term “zoo gate” might be more apt.

Following the murder, friends of Lahr set up a make-shift memorial at the scene of the crime.

Another dead white woman, another candle light vigil. They should release balloons and talk about how they just want answers to why this seemingly senseless crime happened.

111                                                                         Charlotte was murdered because she was white and because blacks are incompatible with modern high trust societies. 

In addition to the nine-year robbery sentence, Quander also served prison time for another robbery conviction in 2000. Prosecutors say he also had a third conviction in another state.

Yet, they still turned him out on good boy didndu nuffin behavior. Honestly, after two offenses they should just be executed as it is obvious they are never going to contribute anything positive to society. However this policy wouldn’t even be necessary if we were allowed to deal with the harsh reality of the situation and acknowledge the fact that blacks have no place in a white society.

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2 thoughts on “When At the Liquor Store….”

  1. Lincoln was one of our great Presidents. He woulda been the greatest of all time if he’d just done one simple thing when it was still fashionable- If he woulda just stopped tossing around the possibility of shipping all the porch monkeys back to apefrica and ACTUALLY DONE IT.


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