Marxists Continue to Demand That White Americans be Replaced by Africans and Middle Easterners

The left continues to demand that unlimited Moslems from everywhere be allowed to come to America to get free everything forever. I’m still waiting for some explanation on how they plan to pay for this or how exactly this will make America better.

Protesters have taken to the streets and demonstrated outside the White House against President Trump’s latest travel ban, which targets people from six predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa.

America can’t survive without Somalis!

The new ban, which will take effect on March 16, will prevent people from Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya from entering the United States

We need these people to do the jobs that Americans refuse to do, such as honor killings, beheadings and gang rapes.

111Women, hajis, blacks and faggots. Oh wait, far right hand side….hey Rabbi, whatcha doin’? 

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said the order should be repealed, adding: ‘A watered down ban is still a ban.’

Israel is a lot closer to these places and they haven’t taken in any of these people. If diversity is our strength, then how come Israel doesn’t want to get stronger?

333Goyim I…….

Dozens of protesters rallied outside the White House last night, holding signs with messages like ‘Fight ignorance, not immigrants’.

Wow, dozens. Putting so many of these things together recently must have put a squeeze on Soros’ protest budget.

Caroline Short, 29, said the idea the ban would make America safer was ‘totally ridiculous’ and added: ‘It will be used as a tool for people that want to say America hates Muslims.’

What do we want?! Moslem dick! When do we want it?! Right now!

There were also protests and demonstrations in San Diego, California and in several other cities around the country.

As a real life Nazi, a catch flack from time to time over pointing out that these protests are mostly if not entirely Jew organized. People try and poo poo the idea that these kikes are a subversive element in our societies. I am told that since there are self hating whites who also do this, the fact that the Jews are way over represented in this activity in relation to their percentage of the population is irrelevant. Finally, I hear that I’m somehow just making it all up.

111Why aren’t you kikes protesting the walls in Israel and the fact that your Jew brethren over there aren’t getting in on the joys of diversity?

222Hey lesbian Rabbi, whatcha doin?

333Trust me Goyim, these protests are just cropping up out of nowhere complete with professionally made signs. 


Make no mistake people: everyone of these protesters isn’t protesting in favor of human rights, or compassion towards refugees they are protesting in favor of your destruction. They are trying to sugar coat their goals but it is 100% undeniable that this is where being overrun by these third worlders will lead us. When you see them holding signs and proclaiming that immigrants built this country they are telling you that they themselves mean to lay claim to your nation, the nation your ancestors built. Their real intentions aren’t really that cleverly hidden, you just have to look for them. Their goals aren’t impossible to oppose, you just have to stop going along with them.

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7 thoughts on “Marxists Continue to Demand That White Americans be Replaced by Africans and Middle Easterners”

  1. Millions of brainwashed sheep and White TRAITORS need to be reminded who paid for israhell’s big, beautiful, impenetrable wall- The AMERICAN TAXPAYER. (((talmudic filth))) don’t give two spits about “vibrancy” or “divershitty”, and a DNA test is REQUIRED for citizenship in israhell.

    Meanwhile, the cost of illegal aliens in our Country continues to climb. In 2013, it was almost $900 Billion. In 2017, in just monetary cost alone, the mudding of America will exceed 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS.
    That’s right, with a “T”.

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      1. I’m a disabled Veteran w/ a PH and numerous Valor Medals. These POS illegals and muds have ALWAYS gotten better care than me, my Brothers and Sisters.

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    1. I don’t believe in the respect of an oven. Lead is mined cheaply throughout the World, they’ll return to the Earth as we advance.


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