Foggy Bottom? More Like Murky Swamp.

If I had to briefly sum up the last Presidential election for someone who had no idea what was going on, I think I would phrase it thusly:  there were two candidates running against one another. One ran on the platform of giving the globalists in general and the Jews in particular everything they wanted: importing Moslems to infinity, more wars in the Mid East, WWIII with Russia in retaliation for thwarting the Jews’ plans to topple Assad in Syria and so on. The other candidate ran on pretty much not doing any of that stuff. The candidate that ran on the Kosher ticket was a corrupt old hag that everyone hated and her opponent wasn’t John McCain so the people went with the other guy. Even though the ((system)) continues working to bury the old hag’s corruption, from time to time a little leaks out.

State Department Inspector General officials edited out passages of a high-profile report in 2013 that could have embarrassed Hillary Clinton just days before she quit President Obama’s Cabinet.

Why would they do that? Isn’t the democracy all about the will of the people?

111                                                      Obviously the more qualified candidate, at least according to late night comedian talk show hosts. 

The officials excised details of a cover up of misconduct by Clinton’s security team.

The edits raise concerns that investigators were subjected to “undue influence” from agency officials.

The entire State Department is infested with ((agency officials))).

generic-le                                      State Department officials get ready for another day at the office looking out for the interests of the American Goyim….um I mean people. 

The Washington Examiner obtained earlier drafts of the report which differ markedly from the final version. References to specific cases in which high-level State officials intervened and descriptions of the extent and frequency of those interventions appear in several early drafts but were later eliminated.

Under National Socialism, there are people who you know are designated as in charge of certain areas and they are ultimately responsible for what those who are under them do. Under the democracy not so much. Sadly, National Socialism isn’t allowed to be discussed as a viable alternative because six trillion Jews were gassed in fake shower rooms with bug spray and turned into human lampshades and soap over 70 years ago. On an unrelated note: the democracy serves the Jews’ interests pretty well.


The unexplained gaps in the final version, and the removal of passages that would have damaged the State Department, call into question the independence of Harold Geisel, who was State’s temporary inspector general throughout Clinton’s four years at the head of the department.

How could anyone call into question anything done by a guy named Geisel? This is anti-semitism plain and simple.


The drafts were provided to the Examiner by Richard Higbie, a senior criminal investigator at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, after he said he disclosed the documents to several members of Congress and multiple congressional committees under federal whistleblower protections.

Tell us Mr. Higbie, how did that work out for you?

Higbie is presently suing the State Department for retaliation.

Ah yes, that’s pretty much what I figured.

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s special investigations unit “lacks a firewall to preclude the [diplomatic security] and Department of State hierarchies from exercising undue influence in particular cases,” the published version stated.

Whenever you deal with this stuff long enough, you begin to notice certain patterns. Under muh democracy, none of these wrong doers are ever held accountable. There are talks of needing firewalls, independent investigators or special councilors or some other such smokescreen but nothing ever changes. How about what we need is to throw Mr. ((Geisel)) into a labor camp as an example and start purging these damned kikes out of the State Department?

The same final version mentions only that “the perception exists among knowledgeable parties that external influences have negatively affected some [special investigations division] investigations.”

So the whole thing went from “Look at these things that happened” to “Some Goys think that something may have happened and that might have caused a perception of…” and this kike was drawing a big fat check for doing this.

“One case, which triggered outraged comment from several [special investigations division] sources, relates to allegations that a Regional Security Officer engaged in serious criminal conduct including sexual abuse of local embassy staff during a series of embassy postings. Sources also reported that a senior [diplomatic security] official successfully protected some agents on the Secretary’s Detail from investigations into misbehavior while on official trips,” the November 16 draft said.

No accountability. Nobody is going to a labor camp, hell nobody is even being fired. The only one catching hell is the guy who tried to let people know what was happening. Again patterns: every….single……time.

Another passage that was removed from the public report suggests officials in Clinton’s office may have protected an ambassador from a child abuse investigation.

Oh but #Pizzagate is just a crazy right wing conspiracy theory that should never ever be investigated because there’s no proof. Aren’t you glad you have the freedumbs and democracy?

1111The Ambassador was not available for comment. In  other news…..Russia! 

“Sources reported that a senior ‘7th Floor’ Department official ordered [diplomatic security] to stop the investigation of an ambassador accused of pedophilia, and another such senior official had [diplomatic security] stop an investigation of an ambassador-designate,” the draft reads.

The seventh floor is the location of the secretary of state’s office, as well as the offices of the deputy secretary and the undersecretaries, according to the State Department’s website. If any of these details were removed because of exculpatory information, this is never stated.

When people first started noticing all of the pedophilia related material and references surrounding all of the people associated with Hillary Clinton, there were quite a few talking about how this is all about how sick and corrupt these people are. What you have to understand is that this is just the surface. These people are not in these positions of influence in spite of the fact that they’re kiddy diddlers, they are there precisely because they are kiddy diddlers. No, I don’t mean that they belong to a secret club who tries to work together to be sure other sex offenders can get good jobs. They are placed in these positions by these Jews and the whole pedo thing is the insurance that they will always do what they’re told. Figuring these things out is usually a matter of taking in information over time from a lot of different places that can seem somewhat unrelated but later down the road you can put them together and it gives you a decent picture of what’s actually taking place. Take for instance years ago I read how surprisingly (to some) Tel Aviv is actually one of the largest hubs world wide of illegal human sex trafficking. That seems somewhat counter to what you might believe would be the case. However, when you put it together with all of these other tid bits, it starts to make a bit more sense, doesn’t it?


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