In Case You Missed It

I was recently surprised to find that an article I put up over a month ago suddenly sending the view counts of the ever prestigious Semitic Truth Center through the roof. It turns out that the truth is still quite triggering to people’s feels.


When I encountered all of this outrage I had to go back and reread the article to see what was so triggering. TBH I trigger Marxists, Jews and other assorted leftist trash so much that it’s hard for me to keep up sometimes. From the nature of the comments, I was just sure it must have been one of my finer works. However as it turns out, it was actually a pretty tame piece bemoaning the fact that women’s lives in our society have been destroyed by those who sang them the false song of liberation that instead leads them to destruction. The calls for me to delete myself reminded me of the good old days before my Twitter permaban.


Let’s take a look at some of the more colorful and let’s be honest, more entertaining ones.

where can i report this?

Right off the bat, the demands to shut it down. I apparently invaded someone’s safe space.

6666And yes, to be clear I blame this need for safe spaces insulating you from people telling you the truth on the Jews. 

Who the fuck do you think you are writing something like this. Erica was a beautiful and intelligent girl and you completely degraded her……

Read the article. Her “friend” took a picture of the girl’s dead corpse and posted it on Instagram but I’m the one degrading her for pointing out that this is all really bad.

How dare you post about Erica like this? Let alone talking about women like this?

So apparently I’m supposed to support women drinking themselves to death. After all, it’s all a part of muh liberation.



Don’t ask me what ducks have to do with any of this because I don’t know either. College apparently isn’t what it used to be.

survival game club platty

You’re a sick and sorry excuse for a human being and I’m so terribly sorry that you were so deeply traumatized by women in your life that you feel the need to degrade them.

Grandpa Lampshade? Degrading women: by promoting the idea that we should return to a system where women carry themselves with dignity and are treated with respect vs dressing like Hooters girls and drinking themselves to death.

She was a gorgeous girl who loved others deeply and had a passion for living life to the fullest.

In the name of defeating the patriarchy it didn’t last long.

Creating a relation between sexism and a beautiful young girls death is beyond anything I could even imagine happening.

LOL Wut?

Seriously folks, read the article again and then go through these comments, they are truly priceless. You will also note that in my great generosity, I offered to let these whiners purchase the content of the article for the purpose of deletion rather than throwing a pointless temper tantrum and demanding that I delete it due to their feels. This won’t happen of course because that would mean actually doing something in a proactive and productive manner vs just making demands to get their way. To these whiners who are complaining about the article and what a tragedy this girl’s death was (BTW the entire point of my article was to highlight what a needless tragedy this girl’s death was) I would have you reflect on this: what is more likely to deter some other impressionable young woman from making the wrong choices that lead to a short life: gushing articles celebrating this girl or the example made by Grandpa Lampshade as to how stupid it all was? After all, you only get one life and you should know: heaven doesn’t have any safe spaces for your feels. Also, don’t forget to send me that bitcoin.


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