Come and Get Your Instant Gratification of Fashy Commentary


Lots of fun topics this week on the latest installment of Thoughts of the Day. We will be discussing how our enemies use the natural human desire for instant gratification against us. We’re back with our specifics topic this week as we discuss health care in a NS based system. This topic will be a bit of a rerun for those of you who are long time listeners to the program as we have discussed this somewhat in the past. However, we’ve never addressed it in our specifics segment before and healthcare is all the news here in America right now. We will be doing a Christian segment at the end of the show this week, something we haven’t done in awhile. As we have always done, it will be the final segment so that those of you for whom that is not your cup of tea can skip it and not miss anything else in the programming. Of course, all are welcome to listen in, just don’t come sperging to me if you are triggered. Lots of fun stuff this week so be sure and drop by and give it a listen!

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