Jewess Dyke Rachel Maddow Attempts to Stump the Trump

The Jews in the media still haven’t figured out that Trump is better at this game then they are. Granted, there used to actually be some pretty qualified people in the press but those days are gone. Now, the media collectively is like a college women’s study class competing with one another over who can signal harder and be most offended. So now we have attempt #5,794 at stumping the Trump. I wonder how it will turn out.



For a brief, breathless moment Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was at the center of the political media universe.

Shitlibs and Jews everywhere just knew just knew that this time they were finally going to stump that dastardly Trump!


Less than 90 minutes before her show on Tuesday, Maddow tweeted that “we’ve got Trump’s tax returns … (Seriously),” advertising her program. That teaser spread like wildfire, and within the hour, MSNBC was running a countdown clock on its screen counting down the minutes to a “Trump Taxes Exclusive.”

The build up was no doubt intense.

It was actually another reporter’s exclusive, and more limited than the tweet made it sound.

What? Jews exaggerate? No way!

Before Maddow even went on the air, the White House confirmed the documents were real and stole the headline by saying that Trump’s income exceeded $150 million in 2005 and that he paid $38 million in income taxes that year.


How many times have we watched Trump pull this rope a dope game on these kikes and yet, it never gets old and they never catch on. He’s let them spend months harping on about his tax returns, then a copy gets leaked to them (probably by Trump himself) and BOOM he pops the bubble on their big scoop. Why does this work? Well, one of the reasons is because people naturally assume that everyone else thinks and acts just like they do. For instance, a thief always assumes someone is trying to steal from him because that’s what he would do. When Trump refused to give them his tax returns, they automatically assumed this meant he was a cheating thieving scumbag because they’re all cheating thieving scumbags. Thus, they go all in on this bait….with the same results every time.


She spent nearly 20 minutes explaining why many people believe it important that Trump release his tax returns, as presidents have done since Richard Nixon in the 1970s. She pieced together theories on what his returns could show — sources of his income and whether he was beholden to any foreign sources, whether he personally stood to gain from any changes in tax policies that the Trump administration sought to enact.

And her big scoop wound up being that Trump made a lot of money and paid an ass load of taxes. Good job.

It felt vaguely like a bait-and-switch and there were some complaints on social media that Maddow was taking too long to get to the point.

There is another term for getting a bait and switch: it’s called getting jewed.

For long-time watchers of her show, the structure was familiar: Maddow frequently opens with long, detailed stories that follow many paths.

LOL Wait. She has long time watchers of her show?!

This has been a winning formula lately, since Maddow’s ratings in February were the highest in the nine years her show has been on the air.

Who knew the cat lady market was so yuge??

The exclusive she eventually revealed in the tax returns was little more than the White House had announced before she had gone on the air.


She said she hoped it could be a first step toward more information about Trump’s taxes being released.

LOLOLOLOL So after this huge build up which she had to have known by that time was going to wind up being nothing, she gets a ratings spike and then tries to brush it off like, “Well yeah there wasn’t anything really here but hopefully this will get him to release the rest of his tax stuff which we are just sure must contain something damning. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he have given it to us already?”

Trump failed to release his taxes during the campaign, claiming that he was under audit by the Internal Revenue Service and he had been advised against it.

Claiming he was under audit? Not even Hillary Clinton tried to argue that he wasn’t really under audit.

“It ought to give you pause that his explanations have never made any factual sense,” Maddow said.

And yet, you got your hands on the long awaited tax return and got……..squat. It winds up everything he said pretty much lined up with the document you used to get a ratings bump. I tell you, Trump plays these people like a puppet master. The thing I find most amazing about watching this is that they never catch on. I mean, I can see falling for it once or maybe even twice but how many times has it been now? And just like the coyote on the roadrunner cartoons, they just keep doubling down sure that this time they’ve got him for sure! Maybe the media kikes should call the Acme company to see if they can come up with something new to help them out.


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