Now That Churches Have Become Converged by Marxism, the Left is Wringing It’s Hands That Christians Are Bailing

In news that should come as a shock to absolutely nobody, as establishment churches have embraced Marxism, Zionism and feminism people have been leaving in droves. As a Nazi and a Christian this news isn’t surprising at all. It’s like they thought that all they had to do was to get preachers on board with promoting all of the things that the people know deep down inside are total bullshit and the people would suddenly embrace them because the guy passing around the plate and his wife with the new face lift and boob job said so. I discussed this somewhat on the latest show this week as to what exactly, constitutes “the Church”. You see, the Church isn’t a building or some guy sweating on TV while telling you all about how God will bless you with a new house so long as you always support Israel, the Church is and will always be the body of believers who hold fast to TRUTH and what is right and faith. Thus, it is no surprise that these big institutions are struggling more and more to fill their pews no matter what kind of exciting youth program or women’s leadership conference they may be putting on. Contrary to what many of you have been lead to believe, the faith isn’t dead it’s just been scattered but it lives on.

Over the past decade, pollsters charted something remarkable: Americans—long known for their piety—were fleeing organized religion in increasing numbers. The vast majority still believed in God. But the share that rejected any religious affiliation was growing fast, rising from 6 percent in 1992 to 22 percent in 2014. Among Millennials, the figure was 35 percent.

The Jews no doubt were rubbing their hands with delight over this one.However I don’t think it means what they thought it meant.

2222The new Church: this time it won’t just be the Moslems that are going to be expelled. 

Some observers predicted that this new secularism would ease cultural conflict, as the country settled into a near-consensus on issues such as gay marriage.

Even drug dealers know not to use their own product. Every single place where the voters had a choice, including shit lib California, they voted against gay marriage. Yet after getting the JEWdicial system to cram it down everyone’s throats anyway, these people are like, “Oh yay! We’ve reached a consensus on gay marriage” This is also very telling on how the left defines “consensus”. You see to them, consensus means they force what they want on you and you go along with it whether you like it or not. The rest of us define that as submission.

After Barack Obama took office, a Center for American Progress report declared that “demographic change,” led by secular, tolerant young people, was “undermining the culture wars.”

For those of you who are a little slow on the uptake, “demographic change” means less white people. But don’t worry, we’ve been assured by our greatest ally ever the Jews that this whole white genocide meme is just pure conspiracy theory.

In 2015, the conservative writer David Brooks, noting Americans’ growing detachment from religious institutions, urged social conservatives to “put aside a culture war that has alienated large parts of three generations.”

Wow sounds like great advice ally! I sure am glad you have my best interest at heart.

222               Don’t worry, he may be a Jew but he doesn’t even practice the religion. Instead he spends his time offering sage advice for the Goyim. 

That was naive.

No it was deceptive.

Secularism is indeed correlated with greater tolerance of gay marriage and pot legalization. But it’s also making America’s partisan clashes more brutal.

Notice how at the beginning of the article, they admit that the vast majority of people still hold religious beliefs and yet they quickly change the definition of secular to include these people who are not secular at all. The clashes are getting more brutal because the people who have dusted their feet of these Marxist converged churches are naturally going to be not cucked.

And it has contributed to the rise of both Donald Trump and the so-called alt-right movement, whose members see themselves as proponents of white nationalism.

This really shouldn’t be shocking at all. After all, you Jews have been booted out of 109 Christian countries over the years. Believe me, I abide by the motto of “110 and never again”…..kikes.

As Americans have left organized religion, they haven’t stopped viewing politics as a struggle between “us” and “them.” Many have come to define us and them in even more primal and irreconcilable ways.

What’s wrong? Is that a little sweat I see on your brow there?


When pundits describe the Americans who sleep in on Sundays, they often conjure left-leaning hipsters. But religious attendance is down among Republicans, too.

When all of the establishment churches preach cucking, the based will leave.

This shift helped Trump win the GOP nomination. A Pew Research Center poll last March found that Trump trailed Ted Cruz by 15 points among Republicans who attended religious services every week. But he led Cruz by a whopping 27 points among those who did not.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz wears a yamaka as he speaks to Jewish community leaders at a campaign event in the Brooklyn borough of New YorkHe’s a real conservative Goyim! He’s totally not a shill! 

Why did these religiously unaffiliated Republicans embrace Trump’s bleak view of America more readily than their churchgoing peers?

Because they’re not cucked out faggots.

Has the absence of church made their lives worse?

LOL So if you’re not a cucked out faggot for the Jews then your life must be so much worse. Get ready for the incoming “Everyone who won’t go along with our program must be a bunch of white trash losers who live in a trailer.”

Establishing causation is difficult, but we know that culturally conservative white Americans who are disengaged from church experience less economic success and more family breakdown than those who remain connected, and they grow more pessimistic and resentful.

Or maybe the only ones left attending these fake services are shills who are profiting from the current jewed out system in one way or another. The rest are having to live with the results of the destruction that Marxism has wrought on the country.

Since the early 1970s, according to W. Bradford Wilcox, a sociologist at the University of Virginia, rates of religious attendance have fallen more than twice as much among whites without a college degree as among those who graduated college.

That’s because the only purpose of college anymore is to serve as one big Marxist indoctrination program.

And even within the white working class, those who don’t regularly attend church are more likely to suffer from divorce, addiction, and financial distress.

Hear that? If you’re not on board with the Marxist program then that’s just because your’e a stupid loser who probably beats his wife white man.

As Wilcox explains, “Many conservative, Protestant white men who are only nominally attached to a church struggle in today’s world. They have traditional aspirations but often have difficulty holding down a job, getting and staying married, and otherwise forging real and abiding ties in their community. The culture and economy have shifted in ways that have marooned them with traditional aspirations unrealized in their real-world lives.”

So if you can’t get a job and your wife divorces you because the court system gives her the ability to clean you out anytime she so chooses, it’s all because you haven’t been attending church. Isn’t it funny? These people who have spent decades deriding all things Christian are now writing articles bemoaning the fact that white men who aren’t cucked faggots aren’t attending church. Why do you think that is? GPL will tell you why that is. Because just like the colleges, the churches in this country by and large have been converged by cultural Marxism. The churches now are no longer a threat to the Jew and his schemes to destroy our societies and instead have now been added to the toolbox of things put in place to keep us in line and blind. Let me tell you kikes something: the Church isn’t dead and the real Church hasn’t been deceived by your lies. The real Church sees the destruction your pretty sounding lies have brought on to our once great lands and are stirred with a righteous anger. Ask yourselves this: out of all of those of us who oppose you and your Marxist system of domination who do you think will pose the biggest threat to you? Who do you think will oppose you the most fiercely to the bitter end? I wouldn’t bet against the bunch who sees this as a struggle even larger than saving one’s own race but a struggle against eternal evil represented by these emissaries of Satan. Those among us who believe that this life isn’t the end but the very beginning who want to have something they can take with them that they can be proud of and point to as an accomplishment when they pass into the next life. Let me tell you kikes something;  Christianity hasn’t become secular, it has simply cut itself off from the corruption that you have attempted to impose on it.

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9 thoughts on “Now That Churches Have Become Converged by Marxism, the Left is Wringing It’s Hands That Christians Are Bailing”

  1. I was raised as a Methodist, but I refuse to waste on moment of my time listening to some paid whore tell me to devote my time, energy, and resource to sending blankets, food, and iphones to Afreakan Nigger babies, and worship kikenvermin demons.

    My Church is my White Race.

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  2. The culture is so perverse, paw paw, that I think to go to the drawing board, at the rate I work, and really flesh things out with audio books and notes, it’d take me at least a year. If you have any requests for conversion from PDF, lemme know. I’m working on Siege, The Protocols, which should be done tomorrow and Germany Reborn right now. Then I’ll fan out like the anti-octopus.

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  3. Things have certainly changed from waaay back when I was an Alter Boy conducting Mass 8 times a week. When the Congregation consisted of the entire Judicial, political, and business pillars of our Community. When Christmas and Easter were properly worshiped. When vices and divorces were frowned upon. When Sermons preaching (((judaism))) and (((israhell))) were unheard of, and in fact, relegated to the heap!
    Heck, my Family was excommunicated because my Parents divorced.

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